New Facebook, Google, Stripe & Instagram Analytics Dashboards

We’ve been on a new release tear. Our Product Managers Nivi and Dharini working closely with our integrations team are on fire pushing out new integrations and insights for you to add to your dashboards and this one is far from a slouch! This time we went back to a few integrations to add more insights to our growing list of metrics we track: Instagram & Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics and Stripe.

Also many thanks to Court, our QA Manager who works tirelessly around the clock testing our code, especially when we have this many releases we’re juggling.

Facebook AnalyticsDasheroo dashboard: Facebook analytics for Reach Impressions

  • Reach broken down by Organic and Paid reach over time – This is great to see if your paid performance does better than your organic, then you can choose how to spend your marketing dollars.
  • ​Impressions, Reach and Engagement on one insight together – Instead of viewing each by itself it’s great to see them together.
  • Post Consumptions by Type – This insight can provide a measure of engagement beyond traditional engagement metrics such as likes, comments and shares. There are 4 types of consumptions –  link clicks, photo views, video plays and other clicks. Other clicks correspond to likes, comments or shares that generate stories.
  • Negative Feedback – The number of times people took a negative action by 4 types – hide clicks, hide all clicks, unlike page, report spam. You can view when you’ve been posting and how often and match if people are ‘dis’ liking your content and act accordingly.


Hashtag Performance

Track your #hashtag performance right in your Dasheroo dashboard.

Instagram Analytics

  • Hashtag Leaderboard – A leaderboard insight consisting of the top 12 hashtags you use based on the engagement to let you know how to use them in the future.
  • Compare Hashtag Performance – Choose and compare up to 5 hashtags (in the last 30 days) based on engagement metrics.
  • Highest Engagement Filters – A bar chart showing the top 5 Instagram filters you use in decreasing order of engagement.

Google Analytics

  • Enhance ‘Top sources by medium’ insight to include email and social sources – we just should had those included, our bad.


  • Revenue by product name/product description so you can tell immediately what’s flying off the shelf.


  • Failed Transactions – A table that shows the list of failed transactions along with the reason for failure within the given time period.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and add them to your dashboards!

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