New Dasheroo Release: Zapier Gives You Hundreds of Apps for Your Dashboards

Today we’re excited to let you all in on something we’ve been working on and will continue to enhance our integration with Zapier! It’s simple: for now you’ll be able to access hundreds of applications that Zapier connects to and pull the data right into a trending line graph on a Dasheroo dashboard.

You can do things like:

  • Track how many new Zendesk tickets are coming in from your support queue
  • Add the number of new Pipedrive deals to your Dasheroo dashboards
  • Monitor the number of new Chargebee subscriptions you’re getting
  • Track the number of new campaign opens on ActiveCampaign within a Dasheroo dashboard
  • Update Dasheroo line graph with the total number of new Asana Tasks
  • Visualize the total number of new payments from QuickBooks Online in a Dasheroo dashboards
  • View the number of new leads you’re getting from Insightly within Dasheroo
  • Track your call volume from CallTrackingMetrics on Dasheroo
  • And literally thousands of other uses!

Here’s what I did:

Zapier Dasheroo integration

I filled out a few more fields and got:

Zapier Dasheroo Dashboards

Cut me some slack it was an old campaign 🙂

So out of the gate any application that has an “trigger” in Zapier you can bring data into a dashboard. Think Quickbooks, Zendesk, Asana and hundreds of others. Go play!

Go watch the video!