How to Solve Common Client Complaints With a Social Dashboard

As part of a social media agency, you know all too well how difficult it can be to manage clients.

From setting expectations to sharing results, there’s always something of importance that requires your attention.

It’s critical to never let client complaints linger for too long. This is particularly true when it comes to social media strategy, as any delay can magnify the issue.

With this in mind, let’s examine three common client complaints and how you can solve them by implementing a social dashboard:

1. I Don’t Know What Is and Isn’t Working

It’s your responsibility to make sure every client knows what is and isn’t working, to ensure that you allocate resources in the appropriate manner in the future.

Are you experiencing big growth on Twitter, but falling off on Facebook? Is Instagram engagement steady or declining?

With the help of a social media dashboard, your client will never again wonder what is and isn’t working. It’s all laid out in plain view.

While you hope that every KPI is trending in a positive manner, it’s likely that some campaigns will fall flat every now and again.

Here’s an example Facebook chart showing a positive uptick in engagement:

2. I Am Unsure of What Type of Content Performs Best

You should align with your client on this, as they can help you create and share the type of content that generates the most powerful response.

With a social dashboard, you can easily display the content with the highest engagement rate. Here’s an example for Instagram:

Once your client knows what type of content is performing best, you can work together to generate similar ideas in the future.

3. You’re Not Posting Enough

Even though you know how often you’re posting to each social channel, your client may lose track every now and again.

It’s easy to keep them informed with a social media dashboard. Check out this Twitter insight:

Not only does it show the number of Tweets over a seven day period, but it also shares:

  • Daily and weekly growth
  • Followers
  • Following

Do you often run into these client complaints? Are you using a social dashboard to bridge the communication gap between you and your clients?

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