How Many Email Marketing Clicks Come From Mobile Devices?

Did you ever wonder how many email marketing clicks are coming from people reading your email on their┬ámobile devices and tablets? Us too! So off to Google Analytics to find out exactly how many.┬áThis blog post will tell you how to look at your email marketing campaigns by click rate. We’ll write about how to view open rates by mobile in a later post. If you need that right away we found this incredibly helpful article.

Assuming you are using UTM codes in your email marketing campaigns and are monitoring your campaigns you probably see something like this:

Google Analytics - Tracking email marketing clicks from mobile devices

Here we clicked on Campaigns and the campaigns we have where we set up UTM codes are displayed. The one we’re interested in is wir or “Week in Review.” This is the email we send that gathers all of the blog content we spend a ton of time creating for each week.

We then go to add a Segment and select Mobile and Tablet Traffic.

Google Analytics - How to track email marketing clicks from mobile devices


Then voila! We get to see what percentage of people have clicked on an email from a mobile or tablet device!

Google Analytics - email marketing clicks that come from mobile devices

In our case you’ll see that 12 of 48 or 25% of our overall clicks are coming from mobile. This means that it’s very important for us to be designing our emails for these types of devices.

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