Here We Go (Again)…

keep calm and here we go againNope, we’re not talking about Demi Lovato’s hit song! BTW she basically owns the first page of Google’s SERPS. Who would’ve thunk? Anyway, we’re talking about something much more fascinating. As in taking a cue straight from Jason Fried: ‘solve a problem YOU have’. And that’s why we’re starting Dasheroo.  What’s the problem? Making sense out of the mountains of ‘big data’ out there, so you can focus on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & metrics that really matter to your business. You want amazing business dashboards? You’re about to get them!

It’s a problem we’ve seen in about every company we’ve been involved with, and is usually (unsuccessfully) addressed by throwing bodies at it. At a recent tech company we consulted with, 9 people from the several departments took about 2 hours for each person just to update a Google doc with their KPIs for the weekly meeting. 18 people hours just to create a doc, not to mention make sense outta the info that will drive the business!

Painful. And expensive. And destructive to a business. So we’re out to solve it. Does it sound simple? Nope. Are others trying to solve this problem? For sure. But no one we’ve seen with the approach we have, which is coming soon.

So back to the title of this post. There are 5 of us kicking off our new company, Dasheroo. We’ve all worked together at some point in our careers, and none of us is under 35 (well, maybe one). We’ve all done the ‘start-up’ thing at least once. Actually if you add up the start-ups we’ve collectively been involved in, it’s well over a dozen. Most of us have families (we count both kids & dogs as family), like to eat good food and enjoy life. And work both smarter & harder. A semblance of balance. This is definitely not the Y-Combinator start-up formula, and you know what? That’s ok!

And I’ve gotta say, we have a dream team assembled to help make this real – front & back-end dev, product, marketing & business development, even branding & creative. Like I said, we’ve all been around the block and still feel that rush of ‘we’re really gonna do this!’

So here we go…again! We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime read our hopefully killer articles that will help your business grow, just like Dasheroo will.

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