Front of House: Digital Dashboards the Food & Beverage Scene

Front of House logo for Dasheroo Dashboards Case StudyWe had the opportunity to catch up with Dasheroo users Adam and Dillon, founders of Front of House.  Front of House is a NYC-based digital marketing and content creation agency that caters heavily to the food & beverage scene, singing a new age, content driven & analytic supported song in an industry whose marketing sounds have been notoriously flat.  

We love to hear exactly how Dasheroo users are using their dashboards.  Here are the answers to the tough questions we love to ask.

Can you describe your team of 10?

Dillon: Adam and I are split partners and both oversee operations. We have two account executives who oversee the operations of 10 or so accounts each, a full time photographer, one full time graphic and web designer, two account managers who monitor, post and community manage our accounts and two outreach associates who strategically grow our clients social community.

What did you use before you found Dasheroo? How long did it take you to gather your metrics?

Dillon: Prior to using Dasheroo we manually developed month end reports using a mixture of Iconosquare, Sprout Social and Facebook/Twitter reports. It was a monthly pain in the ass and probably took us 8 hours a month but it got the job done and provided us the flexibility we needed. We found manually generating short 4 or 5 page PDF’s provided relevant info to satisfy clients. Analytic relevance is huge for us because the food space is so unique in its offering. Unlike many of today’s major digital industries, the F&B/hospitality’s product is truly tangible. Its easy to track the sale of an iPhone case through Instagram, its not the same story with a cheeseburger. So although the industry’s ROI will presumably never be fully trackable we needed our dashboards to showcase some metrics other industries may not feature so predominantly.

What were the most important features you need in a dashboard for FOH?

Dillon: We look heavily to Instagram as our primary platform so it is heavily prioritized but in terms of reporting we look to similar metrics across the board. Engagement, Follower Growth and Recent Activity. Many of our clients provide us with complete creative control, its the reason we are hired. So providing a concise month or week end recap is crucial for them. Rather than spending 20 minutes a day checking in on us, they spend an hour at the end of each month. We would love a integration and a few other tweaks to Dasheroo would be hugely beneficial to us but it really pulls almost all of the data we could want

Did you gain any new insight using Dasheroo?

Dillon: We haven’t gained any new insights but it seems to be saving us quite a bit of time.

Does more than one team member use Dasheroo? What other functions in the company?

Dillon: Since we started using Dasheroo we’ve on-boarded all of our employees to the organization. Its a tool I’d like every team member to be proficient in. We’ve also shared our Dashboards with clients who are interested in a more real time snapshot of their accounts – which is an incredible tool.

And there it is, Dasheroo gives you more time to run your business. Thanks again to Dillon and Adam!

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