Facebook Ads: Let Analytics Guide Your Strategy

While there are many ways to engage with your audience, many people consider Facebook Ads the king of the hill.

According to Hootsuite, “With an advertising audience of 210 million users, America is the second-biggest population on Facebook.”

This statistic shows that you can reach your target audience on Facebook, no matter who that may be.

An organic approach to growing your following and pushing traffic to your website is essential to your success. However, if you want to speed up your progress, all the while knowing that you’re targeting the right audience, you can use Facebook’s advertising platform to your advantage.

As you get started, you’ll find yourself with access to mounds of data. Rather than wrestle with this on your own, you can setup a Facebook Ads dashboard to track your progress and provide important feedback.

With Dasheroo, you can add 16 key insights to your dashboard to measure your KPIs and make key decisions. These insights include:

  • Overview
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click Through Rate
  • Actions
  • Action Rate
  • Cost
  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Action
  • Highest Relevance Score
  • Highest Click Through Rate
  • Highest Action Rate
  • Frequency
  • Reach
  • Actions by Type
  • Cost Per Action by Type

All of these insights give you the data you need to make more informed decisions. For example, the “actions” insight provides the following:

View the number of actions taken on your ad, Page, app or event after someone viewed your ad, even if they didn’t click on it. Actions include Page likes, app installs, conversions, event responses and more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re using Facebook Ads but ignoring the data associated with your campaigns, you’re not getting the most bang for your buck.

Fortunately, a Facebook Ads dashboard allows you to collect all the data you need, giving you a better understanding of what’s working, what’s not, and the changes that can bring you more success in the future.

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