Dataviz: Where Are All Candidates to the Left?

Since we’re data geeks here at Dasheroo we search out the best of the Web to find some great data visualizations for you and thanks to Flowingdata (we go to these gurus first to find our great examples of dataviz done right!) they pointed out that the New York Times had a great post about the 2016 Presidential candidates and when they entered the race. They also go on to show by days gone by who the winning candidates were and when they entered the race based on how many weeks were left.

The killer here is that this election cycle has the most candidates expected to run ever. Sixteen in total while the left has a mere 5. What’s up with that? Well it’s more than when Gore ran against just one competitor in 2000.

Get more of this awesome data by election year going back to 1972. Some may surprise you. Reagan was last in the race with just 50 weeks to go and he screamed ahead for the win while Hillary and Barack started 80 weeks out. Who knew?

NYT - Dataviz of presidential candidates


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