Dasheroo Hits the Chrome Store – We Need Ratings!

Dasheroo on the Chrome StoreA few weeks back we listed our App on the Google Chrome Store and we’re pretty excited. But we need your help. We need ratings for Dasheroo!

Here’s what we’re learning about what’s important when you list your app in the Chrome Store:

  1. Keywords matter – It is, after all, Google.
  2. Ratings matter – Make sure you reply to people who go a step further than a star rating and actually write about you. Let them know there is a human being behind the scenes.
  3. Screenshots are important – Go the extra mile with some really great screenshots that set expectations for what’s to come.
  4. Actively market to get installs and ratings – Like I’m doing now.
  5. Patience is a virtue – It is, after all, Google.

If you can take just a moment and give us a quick star rating that would really help us out.

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