Dasheroo Dashboard Feature: Slideshow Mode

Did you ever want to display your dashboard to your team or your boss so that everyone knew what KPIs were being tracked and where your team was in relation to where you need to be?

Now with the Dasheroo slideshow feature it’s easier than ever! You can have one dashboard no matter how long it is displayed in a number of different time intervals on a big screen. All you need is the Dasheroo Grande Plan or above.

In “Settings” simply choose Slideshow.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.28.15 AM

Then choose the dashboard (one ore more!) you want to show in your slideshow. If it is long it will be parsed so that portions of it are displayed at a time. You can also choose what time interval you’d like it to change.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.28.26 AM

You’ll now have your KPIs displaying the dashboards you want in the time interval you desire. Pretty cool huh?

Dasheroo Dashboard: Slideshow feature

Dasheroo Dashboard: Slideshow feature

Dasheroo Dashboard: Slideshow feature

Your beautiful KPIs will be ready for everyone’s viewing pleasure!


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