Startup Lessons Learned: Go for a Drive!

Mini Cooper DashboardsWho drives anymore?! The other day, I hopped in the old Mini Cooper for a meeting in Burlingame and it had been so long that the battery was dead! So I pulled up Uber and off I went, talking on the phone or checking email the entire time.
But just recently, Janine and I had to criss-cross a bit of the Tri-state areas of NY, PA and NJ and really the only way to get it done was renting a car and getting behind the wheel.
So there we were, driving up the Saw Mill Parkway from Manhattan to Dover Plains staring at our dashbords. And you know what – we were actually unplugged and…wait for it…talking! And yes, talking a fair amount about Dasheroo. Instead of nose-down in our Macs. It’s amazing how some F2F brainstorming can benefit your biz.
So in about 1 1/2 hours we didn’t just talk, we decided on:
  • putting a pop-up sign up form on each page of our blog, with a tailored headline based on the blog topic (it’s working great!)
  • a new way to access & visualize custom internal data for our users on their dashboards
  • a potential new product offering & revenue stream

So an average of 30 minutes per idea? I’ll take that any day! Maybe we should just drive around more often and talk about dashboards, but I’ll tell you – Manhattan (or SF for that matter) traffic is not the most conducive, go out to the country!

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