Your Own Custom Data on a Dasheroo Data Dashboard

All companies have a ton of data and it’s all over the place. I mean we created Dasheroo because of that very problem. Access to data in Facebook is different from Twitter is different from Google Analytics and the list goes on. One of the benefits of Dasheroo is the art of visualizing that data in the same format so you can really compare apples to apples and know what you’re looking at.

Dasheroo custom data dashboard

Good to know we had just one bad day, then it’s all smooth!

But we’ve seen a very large chunk of people lately using us to get access to internal data that they’ve never been able to see. Huh? I mean we thought that folks would have their data in a spreadsheet and for that we pull data from Google Sheets. But internal data was an interesting one. We built it from the start (thanks James!) but the usage of the product has been a) going through the roof and b) being asked for by huge companies you’d be surprised by.

Think about it, you’re probably in a company where your CFO or head of finance/accounting has access to some great data that might help you market, sell and make better decision with.  Conversely if you are the head of finance you might want an easy way a) to get data to the masses (so they’ll quit buggin’ ya) and b) to see what marketing is spending money on and sales are closing.

With access to a custom data dashboard you can view things like:

  • When specific sales or legal contracts are expiring –
  • How many people buy product a and b together, how many don’t
  • How many errors you’re getting on your website
  • How many people are signing up or logging into your online product
  • How many users are churning out (canceling their account)

So here’s what you’ll need: 1 web developer + a web server + 15 minutes of time. Then POOF, you’ll have your data on your dashboard continuously updated! Watch this short video and show them this extremely short documentation!

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