Cool App: Manage Twitter Followers with Tweepi

We’ve talked about being hit with the nasty Twitter ratio of followers/following. Bottom line? Try not to follow more people than follow you. Once you hit 2000 that you’re following Twitter stops you.

So anyhoo we had to really look at the people we were following and see what we could do to reduce that. Sounds weird right? So we found Tweepi, that lets us manage Twitter followers and we think it’s really great.

Tweepi basically looks at who you’re following and who is following you, gives you all the info you need like how many followers they have, the last time they Tweeted, their Klout score, and all of the things you need to sort on so you can decide whether to unfollow them or not.

Manage Twitter Followers with Tweepi!

We’re concerned with the 1097 people we’re following, since we’re following too many people.

Here’s a screen shot of the people Tweepi is suggesting we “Flush

Manage Twitter followers with Tweepi


From this screen we can simply “Unfollow” people who might not be active on Twitter or might have a very small following, or both!

One other cool feature about Tweepi ( we can’t get to them all) is the  feature that enables you to follow the followers of an influencer in your industry. For example we love Ramon Ray over at Smart Hustle Magazine. Using Tweepi we can see who he’s following and follow them. Follow me?

Manage Twitter followers with Tweepi!

Thanks Tweepi, we can follow again. This is a great took for about $8/month to consistently use to ensure you’re following the right people an the right people are following you.

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