Track Our Startup: Instagram Changes + Zapier Grows Your Dashboard

Advil MemeWe’re heads down here at Dasheroo with testing on our next release and it’s not without difficulty. New Insights for Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are giving us a bit of a headache…Advil to the rescue!

Changes Abound at Instagram

Instagram has changed their API policies which is giving a lot of companies like ours yet another headache. As a result they’ve taken back some of the data they have been providing to us. For this reason we are not allowed to offer the Instagram competitive insight which affects about 500 of our users. Sorry, we still have some great Instagram stats you can’t get for free at companies like Iconosquare!

Faster Updates to Your Dashboards

Some of our users have experienced stats updating a bit slow. We’ve identified the issue and over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be increasing throughput just a bit each day so we can monitor any scalability issues.

Zapier Makes Dasheroo Happier

Since we re-launched our Zapier integration with more data visualizations we not only are getting a huge spike of users using the Zapier integration and we HAD OUR BIGGEST DAY OF USERS EVER, but we also have a huge spike using our native integrations as well, pretty cool, I’d say. Thanks for the love Zapier! Alf our VP of Customer Success has been VERY busy needless to say.
Oh, why use Zapier? Look, we get hundreds of requests to integrate with different 3rd party applications and while we want to do every one of them, it’s simply not possible. BUT, Zapier has integrated with a TON of 3rd party applications and they make it very easy for you to use them to integrate your data from hundreds of apps right into your Dasheroo dashboard. So give it a whirl!

Track Our Startup: Sendgrid Dashboards + New UI On The Way

We’ve been heads down getting releases out, getting our users to be active, getting sales in the door and getting the word out about Dasheroo because  every business needs business dashboards!Sendgrid Dasheroo dashboard

With our last release behind us, we’re moving on to the next one and this one is NO slouch. We’ll be releasing an integration we’ve had waiting in the wings, Sendgrid, and we’ve enhanced our pay-for-performance dashboards Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

We’re also working on a brand new user interface! You’ll be able to get around your dashboards even easier than you do today.

We’ve also been hard at work on a larger release for those who need to manage roles and permissions as well as offering a per-user-based pricing. More to come on that as we get further along.

We’ll Take Your Seconds…

Our friendly competitors over at Iconosquare have gone mad! If you don’t know who they are they offer dashboards for Instagram and they’re pretty good. However, they’re moving away from their free version, forcing users to pay, and forcing users to sign up for the new version. I’m sure they have their reasons, but it’s something we may have avoided given the chance. That said, if you’re looking for an alternative to Iconosquare, Dasheroo would be happy to serve you!

Dasheroo Gets Great Press

Social media expert Carl Ramallo,  wrote, How to save TIME with these Top Social Media Management Tools and Suttida Yang, that awesome digital marketing consultant and CEO of Fast Markit, included us in her piece 11 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without. As always we thank you and we’re humbled.

That’s it for now!

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo’s New Dashboard Release is Live!

We finally got our software release for your dashboard live. Thanks to Josh, Nivi, James, Andrew & Court for an amazing job pulling this one over the finish line.

Here’s what  you can expect!

Export Any Dashboard to Google Drive

This is killer. You’ll be able to export any dashboard instantly as a PDF right into any folder in Google Drive.

This is great if you want to share your dashboards with your clients or your team. All in one place all the time.

Export a Dasheroo Dashboard to Google Drive

Simply go to Export, choose Export to Google Drive, connect your Google Drive account, choose a folder and click Export, it’s that easy! You’ll need to have upgraded to Grande or above for this feature.

Scrolling Insights

Scrolling insights for your Dasheroo dashboard

For insights like this one you can now scroll through your past posts!

We’ve been wanting this for a long time and we couldn’t be more excited about it. For those insights you want to see more information on, you can now scroll to see more posts. We’re adding this to the following insights:

  • Recent Posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Highest Engagement Posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Recently Sent Emails (MailChimp, more email marketing platforms to come!)

Insights Now Show Your Country Currency Code

If you track metrics that have a currency value it’s important for you to track your country currency. We’ve always given you the right “currency” but we’ve always had a US Dollar sign ($) in front of it. Now you’ll be able to report on your own country currency code in your metrics.

dasheroo dashboard: new release is live

Go to your Dasheroo account settings, click on Organization and simply choose your currency from the list. Then all of your dollar related metrics will appear with your chosen currency code.

Now that this release is done, more are lined up and on the way, so stay tuned!

Track Our Startup: Release On Its Way + April KPIs

We’ve got a bunch of releases in the queue and if you’ve been following us we have been wrestling a biggie to the ground. We plan on winning this match this week so stay tuned. Then we’ll be breaking the releases down into smaller chunks so we don’t have too many moving parts to handle. This release we lovingly call “p26.”Vision Quest KPIs
For p27 we’ve got a new data source and a few new nuggets on existing data sources. We’ll release Sendgrid as our new data source and we’ve got a host of new Google AdWords insights; one being a drill down to the Ad level. We’ve also got a few Facebook Ads insight improvements and a behind-the-scenes upgrade we had to do for the Mailchimp API.
Mimi, our Sales Director, is starting to pick up traction on  QUALITY demos. Demos are expensive and she’s doing a great job of setting pricing expectations in the email she is sending to people that sign up for more information on Dasheroo for Agencies ahead of scheduling a demo so that people aren’t surprised about pricing after the time is spent on both sides. Great job Mimi! So great I wrote my Startup Lessons Learned about it last week.
We’ve beat all of our KPIs last month. We’re tracking KPIs (revenue is one!) very closely on a day-to-day basis so there are not surprises, we’re pretty excited.
We got some great mentions last week in Fast Company 5 Ways to Keep Small Teams Efficient and on the HubSpot blog, 7 Client Reporting Tools That Will Save Your Company Time. Thanks guys!
Gotta run and grab lunch!

Track Our Startup: Officially Beating Our Numbers!

We have one more week of QA and bug fixing to go before we release what we call the mammoth release from hell. We’re shooting to be dev complete by end of the week and ideally target a launch for next week, but as we all know it totally depends on the QA findings. Get ’em Court! Oddly enough we’re also working on the next few releases but this one has to go out the order it was placed.

Dasheroo signupsWe got some killer mentions last week at Social Media Marketing World, that awesome event put on by Social Media Examiner. Thanks Chris Penn and Jen Newmeyer, you guys rock!

We’re are beating (and have continued to beat) our ‘New User’ KPI for the past 4 months and this month is no slouch! We are also doing great where users connect to a 3rd party application (like Google Analytics and Facebook) for our ‘engagement’ KPI this month. It’s great to get new users but having them be engaged with the product is what we’re really after. Most importantly we’re beating our revenue number for the past few months and with a freemium model that’s very cool.

We’re getting some great traction on Salesforce Appexchange installs as well, around 1-2 per day. That’s pretty good considering we don’t spend anything on marketing. If you don’t know about it, you can see your Dasheroo dashboards right within your Salesforce account. Pretty nifty.

We’re also having some pretty cool strategic meetings with bigger companies both from a partnership and customer perspective. We’ll tell you more when we can!

Gotta run, coffee time!

Track Our Startup: Dashboard Release Update + Awesome Mention!

We were talking about breaking up the next dashboard release we’ve been trying to push out into pieces so the parts that are ready can get to you and we can still keep working on the parts that aren’t. Unfortunately that actually becomes more work to re-test everything all over again so we’re staying the course! In the meantime we might be able to push a few features that were not part of this release to you…stay tuned.

Dasheroo dashboard of a spike in traffic

Our Dasheroo dashboard of the spike in traffic we got from Neil Patel’s blog mention!

Thanks to Neil Patel we got a huge spike in traffic from his article 7 Simple On-site Changes That’ll Increase Your Social MediaTraffic. And this is a great example of exactly what he’s talking about in his article, tracking!

If you don’t know who Neil is, crawl out from under the marketing rock from which you’ve been hanging and check him out. He’s got an amazing blog, he’s an awesome marketing consultant who founded amazing companies like Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics and he can help you get to the top of the rock with your keywords. Thanks for the shoutout Neil!

Speaking of SEO we’ve been pretty hard at work writing content for the keywords we want to be known for and it’s been working. We’ve been climbing for some pretty highly trafficked keywords like Google Dashboard and Twitter Analytics to name a few.

We’re reading for our monthly board meeting this week, but it’s kinda easy for us…why? Cuz we keep all of our continuously updated KPIs in … wait for it … A DASHBOARD!

Track Our Startup: Dashboard Videos + We’re Innovating!

Dasheroo kicks dashboard buttWe’ve been in a fight with the current release for about 3 weeks now and we promise we WILL kick it’s butt. It’s filled with things like scrolling insights, proper currency display, exporting a dashboard to Google Drive and additional chart displays for your Zapier insights as well as our Push API. There’s just a ton to QA, hang in there Court (our awesome QA manager) and a ton to get done (Alex, Andrew, James, Josh, you guys rock!). We’re hoping to get this out this week but can’t promise.

We are looking ahead to our next release which will include roles and permissions so those folks who need to manage users and what they have access to can do it with ease and a future Sendgrid integration.


Under the headline of “we’re still innovating” James has been working on a side project that involves a super-fast database which processes a TON of data in a fraction of the time we’re doing it now (which is still awesomely fast.) Why do we need this? To scale to the limitless amount of data and ideas that our users have for a dashboard and we’ll need to figure it out now. The sooner the better! We’re super excited about this project.

Dashboard Videos

Alf our VP of Customer Success has been on a video tear, where does he find the time?? If you’ve never seen one of Alf’s videos they are awesome and personable, no robots or voice overs here folks!

3 Min. Tip : Stocks on your Dasheroo Dashboard with IFTTT & Google Sheets

Dasheroo Alert Notifications

Zapier Setup Guide for your Dasheroo Business Dashboard

Setting up the Dasheroo Salesforce App and Lightning Component


Got a lot of stuff in flight so we gotta run!

Track Our Startup: Upcoming Releases + Premium Support

We’ve been working hard on the next feature release for your Dasheroo dashboards and frankly it’s been a b*tch! We’ve had to push it forward a few times already.

  • For those insights where we
    Dasheroo dashboards currency

    Track your Dasheroo dashboards with the currency from a specific country.

    list Recent Tweets or Posts, Highest Engagement posts, recently sent email marketing campaigns you’ll be able to scroll the last 10, 25 or 50 line items!

  • You’ll also be able to export a dashboard to Google Drive (connect your drive account, choose the folder where you want the export to go)
  • We’ve added additional insight types for Push API (and then Zapier when we’re ready) so you’ll get a bar chart, leaderboard, pie and funnel chart and a table for all that data you’re tracking.
  • You’ll also be able to set the currency code at the org level for any insight that you track currency like Facebook Ads, and Google Adwords.

We’re shooting for next week on this awesome stuff but we’ll let you know when it happens!

A lot of people ask us “how do you make money offering free dashboards?” Well we hope that users “graduate” from the free plan to the paid plans. We’ve been blowing out the self-service help since we simply can’t answer every single inquiry that comes our way. And we try not to have too many “gotchas” with our code. We try get a lot of bugs squashed in our QA process, our man Court is the best. So we’re moving to more of self-service approach to support to see how that works. Alf has been creating a ton of videos and inputting every question we’ve been asked into a searchable database as our first line of support.

We have set up a triage queue and new workflows in Zendesk to better serve our Grande + Venti customers with priority customer support.

Movin’ on!

Track Our Startup: Website Tests + Google Dashboard Features +

We released Notes this week and in case you missed it last week we released Hubspot! You test out this premium app free for a month with a code, check it out. It’s pretty cool to see your Hubspot KPIs alongside your social media and web analytics metrics.

Testing 1-2-3

Alf tested a long form vs. a short form sign up. Until now we’ve only asked for Company Name and an email address. Now we’re asking for more information and our users are giving it to us. It’s always better to know more about the type of customer we’re getting.

Dasheroo sign up form test dashboards

He’s also about to test some new headlines. More on that as we know more.

Dasheroo home page test - dashboards


Dasheroo Got Some Mentions!

We got on another great list in this podcast 7 Marketing Tools You Should Try This Week  thanks Marketer’s Paradise! Jack Dean also posted Build your first Business Dashboard. And Janine wrote a great one for, 5 Ways A Commute Can Kill Productivity.  It really can can’t it?


Mimi our amazing salesperson closed one of our biggest deals ever this week. We’ll probably not mention who they are but boy are we excited and I thought it well-deserved a mention. Not to mention she’s closed the most deals ever in a month since we started!

Features; What’s Next?

On the product horizon we’ve switched gears a bit to focus on Google Apps integration where we’ll be pulling Dasheroo dashboards and insights into Google Drive. Right now we can give you dashboards FROM data in a Google Sheet, but this would be the other way around. Nifty huh? So not only will you be able to pull data from your Dasheroo Google Dashboard but any social media dashboard, sales dashboard or marketing dashboard you have!

For features in the more near term we’re working on scrolling insights so you can see the last 10, 25 or 50 items by scrolling.
  • Mailchimp: Recently Sent Emails
  • Twitter: Highest Engagement Tweets, Recent Tweets
  • Facebook: Recent Posts, Highest Engagement Posts
  • Instagram: Recent Posts, Highest Engagement Post

We’ve also been working on these additional insight types for Push API and after that Zapier, right now it’s a line graph only.

  • Bar Chart Insight
  • Leaderboard Insight
  • Pie Chart Insight
  • Funnel Chart Insight
  • Table Insight

The last thing we’re working on is the ability to schedule a recurring delivery of an exported dashboard!

We gotta get back to work!

Track Our Startup: HubSpot + New Platform Features on the Horizon

The team here has been busy with our new HubSpot dashboards release. We now have 13 new insights crossing CRM, sales and marketing for any HubSpot user. You can get a free month to try it out. Then it’s available for anyone who has our Grande or Venti plans.

Dasheroo dashboards: Notes

This is a “notes” feature you’ll be able to add to your dashboards!

Janine and I attended Infusionsoft’s ICON event in Phoenix. What a great team of people there and an awesome show for any business to get the need-to-know for all things marketing, sales, CRM and e-commerce related. Way to go guys! If you didn’t know we have Infusionsoft insights for Dasheroo. Check them out here, you can also have a free month trial just like HubSpot.

We’ve been working on our next P release, P is for Platform so that means features we’re working on happen across the entire product. Dasheroo users have been asking to include notes within a given dashboard. When we release this you’ll be able to add text that could be bold or italics and you can add a link! Pretty cool.

Another part of our P release is testing the ability to scroll within an insight. So say for instance you have 25 email marketing campaigns you wanted to see the results of. Right now we give you the ability to see the last 10. But if you segment your lists and happen to send more than 10 in a given week, you have to go to the native app. We’re testing the ability to let you scroll through 10, 25 and 50. You can imagine how we can then take that into your Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram Analytics and anything you do a bunch of times. Great job to James and his awesome team.

We continue to march down the investing path. It’s not a great time to be raising money. We’re also talking to strategic partners. We read this great interview with Heidi Roizen that really talks about choosing the right VC, we really like her:-)