Dasheroo – Huge Google Analytics PROGRESS with Business Dashboards!

One step closer to business dashboards for your biz.

One step closer to business dashboards for your biz.

This week we went nuts. We told you last that we’d be working on the next Insight which is Google Analytics. So we’re knee deep in the heap of all of the Google API mumbo jumbo which ain’t easy, but it’s fun!

So we got SIX Google Insights working! You’ll be able to see your visits, your mobile users, etc. here. Our Product and Dev people simply rock.

You can copy an Insight to another Dashboard so if someone else in your business needs it they can view it on their own dashboard without having to go to yours. Pretty nice.

We’re over 500 Facebook and 250 Twitter followers. (People really like this data stuff huh?) Hopefully we’ll show you soon with our very own DASHBOARD the progress we’re making! Honestly? Can’t wait for that to happen.

We’re blogging like wildfire with some really great information if you hadn’t noticed. Tell your friends, we could use the traffic.

Behind the scenes we all work on this project in separate places! So each week we get on Skype to have a weekly meeting and we use Basecamp to track communications and progress on the amazing project.

Did you sign up to get on the early access list yet? It’s getting full by the minute!

Track Our Startup’s Progress with Business Dashboards – Headway with Google Analytics

What a week it’s been and we’ve even been down a guy (ok, we all need vacays every now and then)! Hey he had an amazing time. You thought we made great progress with our business dashboards last week? Check out this week…

Because we want you involved in our trip to launching our first version, we want to share this week’s progress with you! We made some great Google headway this week. The great thing about Google is that once you get into the data that Google provides you’ll see that you pull data as it relates to Analytics, Adwords and Adsense so for sure we’ll be playing with that to build some pretty great Insights for you.

Our Product team has been busy loading up Pivotal Tracker (the nifty Product Management tool that Product and Developers love to use to track progress) with more Insights and features that you will LOVE.

Check out all of the features our team has been working on...can't wait to show them to you!

Check out all of the features our team has been working on…can’t wait to show them to you!

Our Marketers have been busy getting some great informational content to you on how to use Facebook to boost traffic and another great “Who Charted” post. They get better each week! We’ve got 335 Facebook Likes in just a week and a half and about 160 Twitter followers. Pretty cool. We started to use Hootsuite to manage it all, seems like it’s going to work.

Next week? More Google, more Google!! In the meantime tell your friends about our nifty content.


Track our Startup’s Progress with Business Dashboards – We’ve Got Collaboration!

Last week we talked about our exciting progress, but we kicked it up a notch this week! Great job guys! Here goes:

  • First, we’re into ‘insights’, not ‘widgets’…truly useful and info-packed metrics visualized for you!
  • Business dashboards you can add Insights to AND you can customize it to your liking.
  • We’ve got COLLABORATION!
  • We can’t even stand it anymore!
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.39.13 AM

Our first stab at what a business dashboard could look like. Cool eh?

  • We’re rolling out more Insights, next up to tackle? GOOGLE! It’s gonna be a biggie, that one.
  • If you haven’t seen our Facebook page it’s up, there’s a ton of great information there about how to boost business and how to look at data.Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.27.25 AM
  • We’ve got Twitter! Already a whopping 100 followers in just a few days too. Again, loaded with information and fun. Follow us please.
  • In our “WHO CHARTED?” series you’ll find some funny ass charts.

We’re on our way to getting a ton of people on the early access list and we’re limiting it, so if you want to secure your spot get on it today.

We can’t wait for next week!

Dasheroo – We Launched Our Business Dashboard Startup!

We’re so excited about our new company we’ve gotta tell you all of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff we’ve been working on. We want to get a young version of our product out the door fast with a short list of “Insights” you can put on a business dashboard. We’re using the name “Insight” instead of “Widget” because what we’re providing gives you real insight, we’re not a cog in a wheel.


Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 12.28.17 PM

We have a new logo, and we’re loving the colors and design! Do you? Feels professional, yet still approachable and friendly, the way you should look at your data and business dashboards. (Data is your friend:)

We launched a new blog where we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening and give you daily ideas (Qwickbytes) to help you manage all of the data you have access to.

Not so obvious…

Our amazing team got us our first Insight going. It’s going to be a very cool way you can easily connect an email marketing account you have in Mailchimp and tell you what’s going on in there. The geeky side of us? We also killed it with developing a data model so that we can give you Insights in a snap. On top of it we found some nifty charting software so that what you’ll look at day-to-day makes sense and is easy on the eyes.

We had great conversations with some potential investors. Right now we’re in bootstrap mode which is super fun, but it would be nice to get a real paycheck someday 🙂 Everyone we talk to is really excited about what we have to offer with our background and the team we’ve got so stay tuned. 

Next? More posts coming your way, Facebook and Twitter pages, our next Insight. Stay tuned.