YouTube Analytics: 5 Things You Need to Track

Earlier this year, we launched our YouTube Insights feature for your business dashboards. Along with this, we have provided a few pointers regarding how to take advantage of video marketing.

This time around, we will take a close look at YouTube analytics. More specifically, the five things you need to track:

1 – Video ViewsDasheroo's YouTube Most Viewed Videos

Hands down, this is the most important piece of data in regards to YouTube marketing. Tracking the number of views for each video allows you to:

  • Understand which types of videos elicit the best response.
  • Focus on the topics that are of most interest to your audience.
  • Determine which marketing activities, such as an email campaign or social media blast, generate the most views.

2 – Likes and Dislikes

This is self-explanatory. Are people liking (thumbs up) your video or disliking (thumbs down) your video? In simple terms, you want to receive more likes than dislikes (hopefully by a large margin).

3 – Activity BreakdownDasheroo YouTube Activity Dashboard

It is one thing to post videos to YouTube. It is another thing entirely to track your activity. When examining your activity over a period of time, such as one week, focus on these metrics:

  • Total videos
  • Total subscribers
  • Total views
  • Total watch time

Taking this one step further, compare your week-to-week growth. Are your total subscribers, views, and watch time on the rise?

4 – Watch Time

This data point is worth its own section. It’s that important. This is nothing more than the total time users spent watching your videos, in minutes, over a specific period of time.

Your goal is simple: for your watch time to increase one day, week, and month at a time. As you add more videos, as you market those that are live, your watch time should increase. If it doesn’t, it’s time to reassess your strategy.

5 – EngagementDasheroo YouTube Engagement dashboard

We mentioned this in passing above, but it’s well worth diving into. Engagement is broken down into four distinct categories:

  • Likes (dislikes)
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Favorites

Are viewers commenting on your videos? Take the time to respond. Are you posting new videos, but not getting many Likes or Shares? Let your audience know about your videos, such as through social media, email marketing, or a blog post.

Remember, engagement is every bit as important as views when it comes to YouTube analytics.

What other type of YouTube data is critical to your success?

What is the Value of a Facebook Like?

Placing a value on Facebook Likes. Dasheroo business dashboards.There have been a lot of articles written about how a business shouldn’t place a ton of value on Facebook Likes, but I’m here to tell you differently. Likes, especially quality likes, are amazing eyeballs on your brand. Check out how we’re proving a successful model at Dasheroo.

The details:

  • We’ve been advertising a Like campaign on Facebook since we started the company.
  • We’ve heavily targeted our Like campaign to specific users who should be qualified.
  • We have over 12,600 Likes from this campaign at 45¢ per like. We’ve spent $5,600 since March of last year.
  • We publish our blog to Facebook once per day and from time to time we may boost the post.
  • More than 40% of our social traffic comes from Facebook organic.
  • 18% of ALL of our traffic comes from Facebook.
  • 7.6% of all of our new users come from Facebook at an average of $16 per new user.

So these numbers are really pretty good if you think that we’ve not paid a ton to get in front of people. We get three great things out of this type of campaign:

  • We got huge awareness – At a recent trade show countless people said they saw us on Facebook.
  • We got new users – Once they’re in, they certainly are telling their friends about us.
  • At a cost effective rate.

Strength in numbers? You bet but just make sure the numbers are quality numbers when you’re looking at the value of a Facebook Like for your own page.

3 Must-Reads: AMAZING SEO Tips from the Experts

This week we focused our learning on search engine optimization SEO tips that can help any business grow their website traffic. We’re gonna take some of their tips and put them to work for Dasheroo!

HowScreen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.49.48 PM to Create Viral Content That Generates 2,500 Visitors Per Day

Neil Patel is a genius when it comes to creatively getting more visitors to your site using brilliant SEO tactics. In this article you’ll get a very detailed bunch of statistics on what makes your content viral with some practical tips on how to make it go viral.

Snuggle up with a binkie it’s a long (and thought provoking!) read.


ShGreat article from on republishing contentould you re-publish your content to other blogs, Medium or LinkedIn? A data-driven answer

Guillaume Decugis, CEO of Scoopit publishes this awesome case-study of how he re-published content to different sites and what came out of it. A highly recommended read for us at Dasheroo since we re-publish some of our own content.


5 Unusual Tips to Improve Your SEO with Social MediaSocial Media Examiner article

This is a great article that gives you practical how-to’s on what to include in your social media marketing and what Google likes to rank for.

Happy learning!

Eventbrite Business Dashboards Launch!

We are super excited to announce launching our newest integration, Eventbrite! Many of you use this awesome application to manage all aspects of your events so we wanted to give you a starting overview of things that matter the most to you. If you have more that you’d like to see we need to hear from you so submit your insight feedback please!
Without further adieu, here are the insights for Eventbrite you can add do your Dasheroo business dashboards:

Eventbrite Dasheroo business Dashboard - Remaining vs. sold tickets

Tickets sold vs. remaining, start selling!

  • Ticket Sales insight – View a line chart that plots daily quantity of sold tickets (# of tickets/day) over time for the selected event
  • Ticket Sales by Type – View a pie chart that displays a breakdown of the different ticket types that have been sold for the selected event
  • Sold vs. Remaining insight – View a pie chart that displays a breakdown of the number of tickets sold compared to the number of tickets still remaining for the selected event
    Ticket Orders insight – View a line chart that plots daily order totals  (# of orders/day) over time for the selected event
  • Ticket Revenue insight – View a line chart that plots daily dollar value of all sold tickets ($/day) over time for the selected event
  • Recent Orders insight – View a table that displays a listing of the most recent orders for the selected event with the the name of the buyer, date, quantity, price and order #
  • Most Orders insight – View a table that displays a listing of the events that generated the highest total number of orders within the selected date range with name of the event, number of orders and status (like “live” or “completed”)

    Eventbrite Dasheroo business Dashboard - Ticket Revenue

    How much revenue are you making from your event? It’s right here in your Dasheroo Eventbrite Ticket Revenue insight.

  • Most Revenue insight – View a table that displays a listing of the events that generated the highest total revenue within the selected date range with name of the event, number of orders and status (like “live” or “completed”)
  • Most Tickets insight – View a table that displays a listing of the events that generated the highest total number of tickets sold within the selected date range with name of the event, number of orders and status (like “live” or “completed”)

Whew! We’ll be adding more to this as we hear from you so don’t forget to let us know what you need!

Report: Understanding Mobile Measurement

Attitudes Toward Mobile Marketing Among Client-Side Marketers Worldwide, March 2015 (% of respondents)The great people over at eMarketer are always posting some relevant information about marketing measurement and this was a really informative one all about what marketers understand about how their visitors use mobile. As eMarketer estimates,  “Mobile ad spending in the US will jump 50.0% this year to reach $28.72 billion, or 49.0% of digital ad spending.” That’s huge and more of a reason why people should understand how their customers interact with them digitally.

So they dove into this poll by Adobe and Econsultancy in their Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: The Quest for Mobile Excellence to find out just how much marketers know about measuring their mobile spend.

Highlights and Our Take

  • 33% don’t even know what % of their traffic is mobile. Easy to see in Google Analytics
  • 34% said they had ‘a defined mobile strategy that goes out at least 12 months’, down from 36% who agreed with this statement last year. Bummer, this number should never go down. 
  • Of those, 30% don’t know the device breakout of their visitors. Easy to see in Google Analytics. See our case study below.
  • 71% say that the desktop website is their top priority when it comes to providing a consistent customer experience, ahead of mobile site (16%), smartphone applications (10%) and tablet apps (3%). We can’t believe that only 16% are considering a mobile site as a top priority considering how easy it is to get one!
  • Dasheroo business dashboard: Google Analytics Device type

    With a simple look at the Dasheroo Sessions By Device Type insight we saw a huge spike in mobile traffic and tracked it back to our Facebook Ads!

    37% don’t understand how people use phones differently than tablets. Increasingly important as you build out your mobile applications.

A Short Dasheroo Case Study: Measuring Mobile Advertising

One component of our launch in May was a series of Facebook Ads across both desktop and mobile. Why not right? More eyeballs = more users! So we started to see a huge spike in traffic, specifically mobile visitors from Facebook. Many of these visitors signed up to use Dasheroo (great!) However overall our conversion after they signed up to interact with our business dashboards application was very low compared to other channels.

What we found was the since our website is optimized for mobile people signed up expecting to have a great customer experience with our application as well. However we do not yet have a mobile application so our current app is optimized for desktop only.

Device type report in Google Analytics

Dear marketers: with a simple Device Type report from Google Analytics we know exactly what order we need to develop our apps in, looks like the Apple iPhone wins!

Mobile users expected to have a great customer experience across the board but they were stopped short when they got to our application.

What did we do? We pulled the Facebook Ads for Mobile until we launch our mobile application.

We continued running the desktop feed and our conversion rates increased immediately. Did we get the traffic we once got? No way but the quality of it was incredibly better.

Lesson learned on mobile measurement.

3 Must-Reads: Perfecting Your LinkedIn Marketing

At Dasheroo we’re committed to finding the very best information for you to grow, manage and measure your business so this week we thought a great focus would be LinkedIn marketing. Here are 3 great articles we found that we took away some great points from.

8 LinkedIn Marketing Tips from the ExpertsSocial Media Examiner article

Cindy King gathered the LinkedIn Marketing experts for this Social Media Examiner eye-popping article. We personally like this tip from Stephanie Sammons; “Develop Authority with LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform” We’re beginning to do that with John’s “Startup Lessons Learned” weekly series and it’s getting some traction!


8 LinkedIn Metrics to Keep Your Eye OnLinkedInto Business article

Viveka von Rosen wrote this nice piece breaking down each metric, what you need to watch and what you might need to change.


Duct Tape Marketing ArticleProspecting on LinkedIn: 3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Ideal Clients

Jean Harrison wrote a guest post for John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing which we thought was pretty cool. We love her idea that “it’s not simply a numbers game where you go through and collect as many names as you can in order to blast them with sales pitches. Rather, it’s a slow moving process of building meaningful connections with targeted prospects.”

Creating a Great Time-Sensitive Offer

Dasheroo business dashboards pricing plan.

The Dasheroo pricing plan we’ve been working on, we think it’s a great plan!

A lot of us here at Dasheroo are marketers at heart, we’ve got it in our blood, hell our engineers are great marketers! So we decided to put the prowess to work with a great offer, an offer that spun out of a problem we have, the lack of a billing system.

Now while we would love to be free for all, our investors might not like a $0 return so we’ve been hard at work on getting billing in place. But in the meantime we’ve been giving away the kitchen sink for free.

So we’ve been hard at work developing what we think is a pretty cool pricing plan. Now you can look at what you’re getting for free and derive what a real value it has been.

Now that we know we’ll be releasing our billing system soon, we decided to get as many people “grandfathered” in for free at a great level of service as possible. So we thought we’d go out with a killer time-sensitive offer that actually ends today where everyone who signs up for Dasheroo by today will automatically get our Grande plan for free for 20 years.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 4.52.33 PM

Dasheroo tweet of their time sensitive offer.

We went mad Tweeting our special time-sensitive offer.

Sounds crazy right?

  • We Tweeted it every day.
  • We put it on Facebook.
  • We ran ads.
  • We included it in every newsletter

And here’s what we got out of it:

  • Since it’s time sensitive we got a ton of people signing up now, even if they won’t use it for a month or so.
  • We got a ton of people talking about it on social mediaReTweet from a Dasheroo follower about their time sensitive offer.
  • We doubled our user growth for the entire year in just one month

Does time-sensitivity work? It sure does, especially when you offer a ton of value. In our case it’s a great product for 20 years which is a $6000 savings.

Oh, have you signed up yet? Better get on it!

3 Must-Reads: How to Improve Your Content Marketing

We are all about the inbound marketing here at Dasheroo and that means a ton of content. Since we’ve got a few years in the business behind us we figure we can shed some learnings we’ve had over the years and now. And there are a ton of great experts we follow so this week we thought we’d share some articles we thought were pretty cool, all about content marketing. Cheers!


How to Increase Your Content’s SharabilityScreen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.01.53 AM

Andrianes Pinantoan writes an amazing article about how Canva’s blog increased their visitors to 800,000 in just 60 days, you won’t believe your eyes!


The Content Marketing Challenges Sinking Your ShipScreen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.28.25 PM

Barry Feldman offers this great quote “Content marketers want shortcuts to success, but there are none.” With this article you’ll see if you match one (or more!) of the 6 problems your content marketing team might be facing. Then you can do something about it!


6 Ways to Grow Your Blog AudienceSocial Media Examiner articl

In this great read, Kristi Hines walks us through ideas on how to show off more of you content on your blog to how to extract content ideas from your visitors.

Twitter Audience Insights: Target Content for Twitter Followers

Ever wonder in advance what type of content you need to develop to get your Twitter followers excited? Well Twitter is now helping you. They recently released a ton of new analytics, Twitter Audience Insights which can help you decide what type of content to publish.

We took a look at Dasheroo’s Audience on Twitter to find out what to write about.

Twitter Audience Insights


Not a surprise that Twitter followers like Tech and Marketing, but it seems we can Tweet a bit more about Leadership and Business news! Nice.

Twitter Audience Insights


Also interesting that Dasheroo’s followers are into Drama and Comedy which we love too so we can start to relate Tweet and content to popular dramas and do some testing there.

Twitter Audience Insights


Good thing we’ll be accepting Visa when we start billing! Also interesting to know that our followers like Premium brands.

Twitter Audience Insights

Great to know that our followers are on iOS since that’s what we’re developing first. So now we can blog and Tweet about our iOS app and get the word out on Twitter!

I should also say that this new reporting provides a great way to target your Twitter ads too.

So there are just a few ideas on how we use the new Twitter audience analytics. You can bet we’re going to see how we can get this data into your Dasheroo dashboard too!