Track Our Startup: Competitive Analysis Dashboard

One of the most powerful features of a product imho is a product that can surface competitive analysis to you. What is your competition doing publicly that you can learn from can be key to your business?  So we thought it would be great to give you insight into what your competitors are doing on social media right in your Dasheroo data dashboard.

Competitive Dashboards Released!

Now it’s super-Dasheroo's competitive dashboardeasy to analyze what your competition is doing right within your new Dasheroo competitive analysis dashboard! We just released the first version of our competitor insights, so you’ll be able to either set up a Competitive Dashboard template or you can set up your competition’s insights right next to your own!

Here is what you’ll be able to track…

Facebook – Track the trending growth of fans over time of competitor’s Facebook Pages. It also includes % changes (note: they need to have a publicly-available Facebook Page)

Twitter – Track tending growth of follower activity for chosen competitors

Instagram – Track trending growth of Instagram followers for your competitor profiles

YouTube – Track trending growth of YouTube subscribers for your competitor profiles

For now all competitive insights are free, get them while they’re hot!

Hint: you can also set up some RSS feeds to see what your competition is posting to their site or blog right alongside their Fan/Follower insights so you can see what content might be driving their numbers.


What Else?

We released the ability to download your business dashboard to a PDF or PNG. This is perfect if you’ve got to email or print your dashboards to a client, team member or boss. You need to be on the Grande or Venti plan to get access. This entire release was huge with 55 feature releases and 25 bug fixes. Our engineering and product team rock!

We got some great press with Duct Tape Marketing! John Jantsch wrote 5 Types of Metrics Every Small Business Should Track. Good ole’ Dasheroo got a nice mention. JP wrote a cool article for 5 Types of People to Surround Yourself with For Success in Business, it’s a good one, got over 2000 shares on Inc! Dharini Sundaram


We’d like to welcome Dharini Sundaram to our Product Management team. She brings a wealth of agile product management to the team from such companies as Resilience Software, Cognizant Technology Solutions, eBay, Joeysearch, and mohCare to name a few! The cool thing is that she was in product development before she made the move to product management.

Onwards ad upwards, John at Dasheroo.


New Release: Pinterest Analytics for Your Dasheroo Dashboard

We are super excited to scream from the mountaintop that we launched Pinterest analytics for your dashboards today! Why are we so happy? It’s the number ONE request we get from our users and we were able to get it done, get it done right, get it done fast and be one of the first to really successfully give you the Pinterest analytics needed to fine tune your marketing.

What insights do you get? Check these out:Dasheroo Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

  • Overview – View multiple graphs of your overall Pinterest account performance
  • Followers – View the total number of followers in your Pinterest account in the given time period.
  • Engagement – View the total number of comments, likes, and repins across all boards and see how they are trending in the given time period.
  • Engagement Rate – View the rate of engagement across all boards in your Pinterest account and how it trends in the given time period.
  • Competitor Activity – Track your competitor’s Pinterest metrics and compare them your own.Dasheroo Pinterest Analytics Dashboard
  • Board Leaderboard – View a tabular chart of the different boards in your Pinterest account ranked by number of followers.
  • Engagement Rate By Board – View engagement rate by board and see how it trends in the given time period. Choose up to 5 boards.
  • Influencers – View the top influencers for your Pinterest account.
  • Best Performing Pins – View the most popular Pins in your account.
  • Popular Rich Pin Types – View a pie chart of your different Rich Pin types and how much engagement each one contributes.

Best part? Now you can view your Pinterest analytics right on your  social media dashboard, Google Analytics dashboard and Shopify sales dashboard to see how Pinterest is driving you business!

Let us know what you think and what more you need for all of your dashboards!

How To Customize Your Dasheroo Data Dashboard

Dasheroo's Survey Monkey dashboardRecently we sent out a survey (using our friends over at Survey Monkey) to find out why people like us, what they don’t like and
what they don’t know about Dasheroo. We were happy to get your feedback and we learned a ton from it. In fact we tracked how many responded right in our Dasheroo Survey Monkey dashboard!

What we did learn was that a large number of you didn’t know you could actually re-size each of your insights that make up a dashboard. Also many of you didn’t know you could move the insights around on the dashboard grid to customize it to your liking.

So here is a very short 1-minute, 38-second video of how you go about doing it.

If you don’t want to watch the video, to resize your insights simply click on the lower right-hand corner of the insight and drag it to the size you’d like it to be.

Dasheroo: Re-sizing an insight on your data dashboard

To re-arrange insights on a dashboard simply click on the top bar of the insight and simply drag it to where you’d like it to be. The rest of your insights will automatically move to make room for it so you may have to move them to your desired location as well.

Dasheroo: Rearranging insights on your data dashboard.

For instance at Dasheroo, we like to see our sign ups right next to our Google Sessions to keep an eye on any trends.

Dasheroo's own data dashboard

There you have it, a simple way to resize your insights and rearrange your Dasheroo data dashboard!

Track Our Startup: Huge PR + Pinterest Analytics On The Way

Dasheroo's sessions spiked last week.

Dasheroo’s sessions spiked last week!

We had a huge end of the week last week when we got features on Entrepreneur Magazine in an article written by Matthew Toren, 7 Tools That Can Help You Rapidly Grow and Automate Your Business! It is the gift that keeps on giving, 3-4 days later we’re still getting awesome traffic from it. Thank you!!

We had a kerfluffle with our Android app, people couldn’t download it. It’s since been fixed so if you want to check it out the download is free. We also now have an iOS app free to download as well. No kerfluffle there.

We’re getting really close with our Pinterest Analytics dashboard release. It also comes with a host of other features including being able to track your email subscriber growth by list with all of our popular email marketing dashboard integrations. This release is names “i18”. Why the “i” you ask?

How We Think About Releases

I’m glad you asked! Just so you understand how we release here at Dasheroo we break our release focus into two paths; one is for pure “integrations” (the reason for the “i”); those are new insights or integrations with new apps for you to add to your dashboards. The other is a “platform” release. (I’m shooting for “p” don’t you think that makes sense?) This is our “infrastructure” or anything that supports all of your insights and dashboards. This would include features across all accounts, insights and dashboards like the ability to comment and collaborate, billing, any feature under “settings” or the ability for you to resize or rearrange your data dashboard. Just wanted to clue you in there.

Getting Out There!

We attended LAUNCH Scale and it was awesome. Such great speakers speaking like, David Sacks, Yammer and Zenefits, Sonny Mayugba, Requested, Peter Bell,, Jacqui Boland, Red Tricycle and all of the speakers who had to get their message across in a 20-minute session!

Team Dasheroo at LAUNCH Scale in the Demo Pit

Team Dasheroo at LAUNCH Scale 2015 in the Demo Pit.

We’re in the process of nailing down each and every KPI we need to track in our conversion funnel, what they actually mean, make sure they mean the same thing to all of us and make sure we’re tracking the right data. That’s a hard problem to solve but we think we’re finally there.

We got a bunch of great leads from OneCon, Constant Contact’s partner event, so Mimi’s been working those.

We’ve got a Mind Meld in Austin next week, look for pictures, then entire team will be there and we’ll be bonding.

Dasheroo Data Dashboard: How To Spot Correlations

We make it pretty easy to spot trends on your Dasheroo data dashboard. Then you can drill into the native application to get more data. The more insights you have on your dashboards, the more data you have at your fingertips to spot these trends.

We look at our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) side by side on our dashboards. In this particular dashboard in a given time period you see that on September 10 we got a spike in Google Sessions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.41.18 PM

Then we looked at the next insight on our dashboard and we saw Referral traffic (in green) had a little spike too.

Dasheroo Data Dashboard: Google Analytics

Finally our eyes went over to our Social Sources insight and voila, Hacker News is the culprit!

Dasheroo Data Dashboard: Google Analytics Social Sources

So it’s pretty easy to see some correlating data just using your Dasheroo data dashboard.

The Perfect Social Media Dashboard: The Socialite

Social Media is either something you love, love, love for your business or a complete thorn in your side! If you’re anything like us it’s a love fest with social media but we’re ok if you don’t love it so much, it certainly takes some time to devote to it to make it work.

On top of it all trying to track down what actually IS working and what isn’t is a real time suck, for us anyway. So when we really looked at what we needed to track here internally we thought “hmmm, if we need to consolidate our social media marketing metrics so does everyone else, let’s make a dashboard template!”

So without further adieu, simply click on Add Insights and Templates  in the top of your Dasheroo menu and you’ll see this:

Dasheroo's social media marketing dashboard

Select “Socialite” if you need to see your metrics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in an instant!

Dasheroo's Social Media Marketing dashboard template


Click to connect all of your social media accounts and you’ve got a fancy social media mix of awesome insights. You can add to this dashboard if you think the insights we selected don’t meet your needs or add any other application that makes sense like Google Analytics Sessions or LinkedIn insights.


Dasheroo's social media marketing dashboard


There you have it, a free social media dashboard in an instant!

What’s Really Important in a Google Analytics Dashboard

At Dasheroo we’re all about looking at our Google Analytics dashboards when we get up in the morning, multiple times during the day and before we go to bed at night. Why? We’re a growing online business and we want a quick snapshot of what’s working and more importantly what isn’t.

So here’s what a portion of our GA Dashboard looks like:

Screenshot of Dasheroo's own Google Analytics Dashboard

Here’s what we like to look at:

Since we do a ton of social media marketing (there’s a dashboard for that) we like to keep an eye on the Social Sources insight to track traffic to the website from our social channels. If you look at the pie chart above you’ll see that Facebook drives a ton of traffic for us which is great but every now and then we get a boost from Twitter, then we can go to ourTwitter Dashboard to see what’s driving the goodness.

We like to see our New and Returning Users insight. We always want to have newbies coming to our site more than returning users. The returning ones we love ALOT but they’re probably coming back to log in. A spike like the one you see just above is even better because that means a whole host of new users came to the site.

The Top Sources By Medium is a great way to track Google’s Channels to see how traffic is coming to your site. The Direct channel is people typing in your URL into the browser while the Organic channel is people searching on a keyword (not paid) and coming to your site. You can see here that there was a huge spike in Organic traffic on July 13. We like to closely monitor that especially since we don’t pay for it!

A screenshot of Dasheroo's Search Traffic on their dashboard.

We also track our internal metrics in a Custom Insight [ SHORT VIDEO]. In this case it’s the total number of people who register for a free business dashboard. We like to put it smack dab in the middle of our Google Analytics Dashboard right next to our Sessions insight. Why? We like to make sure we’re getting around a 10% conversion rate and we are, phew.

Dasheroo's dashboard with custom data.

If we see that there might be something going on with traffic, like maybe we got a new traffic source (or lost an existing one) we compare date ranges on the All Traffic insight. We select a date range or “Last Week” vs. a “30-Day” range and compare where traffic is coming from. In this one you’ll see we got a new source of traffic because LaunchingNext linked to us and included us in an email. Awesome!

Screenshot of Dasheroo dashboard for all traffic sources to your website.So there’s a quick overview of how we use our own Google Analytics dashboards. When we need to dive deeper we go directly into our Google Analytics native account, but this gives us a great starting point to ask questions.

Oh, we’ll be adding even more insights to Dasheroo so check back frequently but don’t worry, we’ll tell ya!

New Email Marketing Dashboard: GetResponse

Dasheroo email marketing dashboard for GetResponseWe’ve now hit the last nail on the head when it comes to marketing dashboards for email service providers. If you can think of another one please let us know but we think we have 90% of the market covered!

So for GetResponse you’ll see:

  • Your engagement: track your trending open and click rates by day based on the last 30 emails you’ve sent.
  • Subscribers: view your subscriber growth over time.
  • Dasheroo email marketing dashboard for GetResponseRecently sent emails: A list of the most recently sent emails including the quantity sent, # opens, # clicks, # bounces and # unsubscribes, handy!
  • Bounces and unsubscribes: track your trending bounce and unsubscribe rates by day based on the last 30 emails you’ve sent.It’s the one graph where “down and to the right” makes sense!

So get on into your Dasheroo account and set up your new GetResponse dashboard!

Dasheroo’s Marketing Dashboard Template: Marketing Maven

We’re coming out with new features all of the time, to a) make your life easier and 2) get your business booming fast. Because of this we knew that connecting a single insight-by-insight was a time-wasting pain in the butt. So this is all about selecting a marketing dashboard template for your business.

Of course you can swap out insights and apps to your dashboards and make them customized to your business.

Start with the Marketing Maven when you select your template:

Dasheroo business dashboard templates

So we created a few templates for your dashboards. This post is all about the Marketing Maven dashboard template.

Marketing Dashboard Marketing Maven Template

Once you connect you’ll get:

  • Google Analytics – Top Pages people visit, Top Sources of All Traffic, Total Session and New vs. Returning Users.
  • Twitter – You’ll get a great overview of the total followers, following and Tweets as well as an Engagement insight tracking RTs, Replies, Mentions and Favorites.
  • Facebook – You’ll get an awesome overview including reach, fans, new fans, engagement rate, clicks, shares, likes and comments. You’ll also get a reach insight and an engagement insight.
  • MailChimp – You’ll get insight on engagement as well as opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes on recently sent emails. DON’T USE MAILCHIMP for email marketing? Go ahead and customize with our integrations with Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, Emma, Campaign Monitor, AWeber and soon GetResponse.

Set up your own marketing dashboard, it’ll take you about 5 minutes and you’ll have access to all of this great data in one spot!