New Release: All New Dasheroo SendGrid Dashboards!

Today we’ve got some really great news, we’ve released our brand new integration with SendGrid to give you your new Dasheroo SendGrid dashboard! If you don’t know SendGrid they’re a cool Boulder, Colorado-based transactional email delivery and management service. So if you’re selling online, or automating confirmation emails you might want to check them out, they’re awesome. With our integration you’ll get some nifty KPIs you can track right next to the rest of your marketing metrics.

OverviewDasheroo SendGrid Overview

View high level KPIs from your SendGrid Account. Get a quick snapshot on things like how many were delivered, opened, clicked, bounced and a whole lot more, right in one insight on your dashboard.

Click Rate

View a trending line insight of the percentage of users who click on a link after opening an email.

Complaint RateDasheroo SendGrid Dashboard

View the number of spam reports and spam report rate in the given time period. This enables you to keep a close eye on if your sending too much email or non-targeted email.

Bounces, Blocks & UnsubscribesDasheroo SendGrid Bounces

View the number of emails bounces, blocks, and unsubscribes for the given time period.


View your engagement metrics like opens, open rate, clicks and click rate for the given time period.

Requests and DeliveryDasheroo SendGrid Dashboard

View the number of email requests and number of emails delivered in the given time period.

There you have it, get on in there and try it out!

New Release: More Google Adwords Dashboard KPIs

We’ve been marching towards this release and it’s finally here! Thanks to everyone on the team for working hard on these upgrades that our users have been asking for. You’ll also be seeing more features over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

This week we’ve made some changes to our Google AdWords insights and wanted to provide all the details. If you use Google Adwords within Dasheroo you’ll want to check this out. 

Google AdWords Enhancements

Ad PerformanceDasheroo Google Adwords KPIs

You’ll now view a table that provides your AdWords KPIs at an individual ad level. For every ad: clicks, impressions, CTR, average CPC and Cost are displayed as KPIs for the given time period.

Video Performance  

The Video Performance insight is a quick snapshot of how your video ads are doing in the chosen time period. The overview insight shows high level stats like Impressions, Video Views, Video View Rate, Clicks, CPV, Cost, CTR. The insight also shows how these numbers have been trending in the given time period and gives you an indication of how your video ads have been doing.

Video Watch Rate

This multi-line insight will provide stats on the percentage of impressions where a viewer saw 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your video ad and how this trends over a period of time. This insight can be Dasheroo Google Video Views KPIsconfigured at an Ad Account, AdGroup, Campaign or individual ad level on your Google dashboard.

  • Watch 25% rate : Percentage of impressions where the viewer watched 25% of your video
  • Watch 50% rate : Percentage of impressions where the viewer watched 50% of your video
  • Watch 75% rate : Percentage of impressions where the viewer watched 70% of your video
  • Watch 100% rate : Percentage of impressions where the viewer watched 100% of your video

How cool is that? You’ll now be able to track video viewing KPIs on your dashboard.

New Filters

In addition to new insights we have now introduced the ability to configure your Google AdWords insight at the Ad Set, Ad Campaign or individual ad level. So in addition to the overall high level stats on your AdWords account, you can set up insights at a much granular level to see how a particular ad campaign or even an individual ad is performing. Simply add a new insight and configure it in the settings panel.

We’re planning on more releases in the coming weeks, happy dashboarding!

Instagram Analytics: 3 KPIs to Focus On

In the early days of Instagram, this social media platform was often overshadowed by Twitter and Facebook. Those days have come and gone, as the photo-sharing social networking service is now a major player in this space. For this reason, a concentration on Instagram analytics is a must.

Consider the following (statistics courtesy of Instagram):

  • More than 400 million monthly actives.
  • 3.5 billion likes every day.
  • An average of 80 million photos shared every day.

So, what does all this mean? In short, you should be using Instagram as a marketing tool. As you develop a strategy for driving Instagram Analytics - Followerstraffic and increasing brand awareness, make sure you have a plan for tracking results and examining data.

Here are three data points to track:

1. Number of Followers

This is no different than other social media sites. The more followers you have the greater your reach.

At first, follower growth may be slow. But as long as you are seeing an upward trend, you should be happy with the results.

2. Highest EngagementInstagram Analytics - Highest Engagement Rate

What types of posts receive the most engagement? This includes both “likes” and “comments.”

Knowing the answer to this question allows you to create more targeted Instagram updates in the future. For example, you may find that your audience enjoys photos of your newest products. In this case, you want to focus more time and energy on these types of updates.

3. PostsInstagram Analytics - Posts

Instagram is not a social media platform you use today and revisit in a week or so. Regular updates, day in and day out, will increase your number of followers while also boosting engagement.

By tracking data related to each update, you get an inside view of what works, what doesn’t, when to post, and much more.

Final Word

With many of the top brands developing a strong Instagram marketing strategy, you should consider doing the same. This could give you a leg up on the competition. Just make sure you have a system in place for tracking your Instagram analytics.

P.S. Do you have your Instagram analytics dashboard yet? At Dasheroo it’s free!

Dasheroo Dashboards Get Great Press!

When we get mentioned by awesome folks that like our dashboards we’re always happy and always wanting to share with our readers. Here are two amazing articles highlighting some really great online tools that we’re humbled to be a part of!

Carl Ramallo - dashboardsHow to save TIME with these Top Social Media Management Tools.

Carl Ramallo, voted a top social media coach, wrote this article highlighting social media management tools like Social Rank, Hootsuite, Buffer and you guessed it…Dasheroo dashboards.

11 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without
The Marketing Insight's logo - dashboards

Suttida Yang, that awesome digital marketing consultant and CEO of Fast Markit, wrote a great article about the tools she can’t live without and why. Two tools she mentions we absolutely love are BuzzSumo and Canva, oh, and Dasheroo for dashboards! Check out her list.

Thanks guys!

3 Email Marketing Tools To Use Today and Their 3 Top Features

With more than 80% of B2B and B2C companies using some form of email marketing technology, there is no time to waste. If you aren’t using this marketing strategy you’ll continue to fall behind the competition.

But where do we start? If this question continues to weigh you down, here are three tools you should implement today:

1. Campaign Monitor

Check out where in the world your email is being viewed using Campaign Monitor!

Check out where in the world your email is being viewed using Campaign Monitor!

Described by the company as a service that “makes it radically easy to create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns,” you can’t go wrong by choosing Campaign Monitor. Frankly we use them to do our weekly email communications.

Top 3 Features of Campaign Monitor

  • Drag-and-drop email builder with auto-save.
  • Variety of reporting and analytics tools. Worldview enables you to see REAL TIME where in the world your email is being viewed…geek out!
  • Access to email automation tools, such as drip campaigns. This is a killer feature.

2. VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse autoresponder

Create autoresponders like this when someone joins your list using VerticalResponse!

Are you interested in reaching your audience via email and social media marketing? Well, VerticalResponse brings together the best of both worlds. We know, most of our team has either worked for or co-founded this company!

With the ability to create professional emails in minutes, thanks to a variety of customizable templates, you can be up and running in an hour.

Top 3 Features of VerticalResponse

  • Super awesome HTML editor and image manipulation tools to make your email the best it can be!
  • Powerful autoresponder tools to thank your new subscribers when they sign up for your newsletter.
  • Send up to 4,000 emails to 1,000 contacts every month, free of charge.

3. Emma

Emma email marketing

It’s easy to set up a lightbox form on your website with Emma!

Here is how Emma describes its service:

“Emma helps you build smarter email programs that maximize the power of marketing’s most effective channel.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it will sound even better once you learn more about Emma.

Top 3 Features of Emma

  • Pricing that fits any and every email program.
  • Option to code your own HTML, great for advanced users that know how to code and want an awesome delivery mechanism.
  • Super cool lightbox forms that can almost double your subscription rate!

Make Your Move

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s more powerful than ever before. Which one of these email marketing tools will you use to improve this area of your business?

P.S. Check out the awesome apps Dasheroo integrates with for your email marketing dashboard!

Google Webmaster Tools: Why We Love Google Keyword Planner

Here is how Google describes its super-awesome Keyword Planner tool:

“Plan your Search Network campaigns, get performance insights, and see keyword ideas.”

But there is more to it than that. There are many reasons why the entire Dasheroo team loves this tool (among other Google Webmaster Tools). Let’s dig into the finer details:

1. When We Want to Target a KeywordScreen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.01.40 AM

We create content for our users, not for the search engines. Even so, it’s important to incorporate keywords every now and again. We aren’t opposed to free traffic, after all!

For example, plug-in the phrase “business dashboard” and here is what you get:

A search often leads to implementing a keyword we weren’t previously considering. In this case, maybe KPI dashboard makes more sense than business dashboard. Regardless, Google Keyword Planner points us in the right direction, allowing us to create more useful, search engine friendly content.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.08.00 AM2. To See What Our Customers Want

There are many ways to determine what your customers want, including: directly asking for advice, using surveys, and reviewing traffic data.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner for this purpose, as you can see what potential customers are searching for.

Here is a simple three step process you can follow:

  • Search for a broad keyword.
  • Sort by average monthly searches.
  • Pinpoint the highest traffic keywords that best relate to your business.

The more searches a keyword receives the more interesting it might be to potential customers. This quick search can help you better understand your target market.

3. To Generate Additional Keyword IdeasScreen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.12.04 AM

Research is a big part of a successful business. Even if you have a core list of keywords on which your business is built, it doesn’t mean you should stop there. We often use Google Keyword Planner to generate keyword ideas that can be used in future content.

Here’s a cool trick: search by URL instead of keyword. If you want to learn more about Dasheroo, for example, you would search “” Here are the results:

This allows us to see the keywords currently associated with our website, which puts us in position to uncover those we can implement in the future.

When it comes to the use of Google Webmaster Tools, Keyword Planner is one of our favorites and it’s FREE.

How have you used Keyword Planner in the past? Has it helped you generate positive results?

5 Things a Data Dashboard Could Do For Your Business

A data dashboard will never be your worst enemy, and it will absolutely be your best friend. Once you implement this tool, the way you look at your business will change forever. Here is how:

data dashboard of social media metrics1. Learn More About Your Social Strategy

Do you ever wonder if your social media strategy is paying off? Do you ever stop to think about what is and is not working?

With a data dashboard, there is no more guessing. You can see which platforms are most popular with your audience, and of course, which ones are sending the most traffic to your website. Google Analytics will tell you how to get there but Dasheroo will show you in super-easy dashboards.

2. Tweak Your Facebook Strategy

With 1.04 billion daily active users, Facebook can serve as an excellent source of referral traffic. You can also use the social platform to target ads to a specific demographic.

But remember this: you will never reach peak performance until you have the right data on your side. Through the use of a data dashboard, you can examine how your Facebook strategy has performed in the past and how it can be tweaked for better results in the future.

3. Track Pages Getting the Most TrafficData dashboard: top pages visited

In an overall sense, you want to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. You should be happy as long as your visitor count increases month over month. But don’t stop there.

When you know which pages get the most traffic, you can optimize it for leads and sales. As your conversion rate increases so will your revenue.

At Dasheroo we looked at what pages on the blog were getting the most traffic with our Google dashboard in Dasheroo and created pop-ups asking people to sign up for our product from the contextual article they were reading. We gained 5x more users from it!

data dashboard: referring traffic

4. See Where Your Traffic is Coming From

Once again, you need to pay attention to more than overall traffic growth. You want to know where your traffic is coming from, as this allows you to alter your marketing approach to maximize return. Google Analytics is just the free tool to do that for you.

Are you receiving the bulk of your traffic from referring sites? Social media? Organic traffic? Paid traffic? Your data dashboard can answer all these questions.

data dashboard for YouTube Analytics5. Keep an Eye on YouTube Analytics

With 55% of people watching videos online every day, you can’t afford to ignore the power of YouTube.

Don’t just post videos to YouTube and hope for the best. Use a data dashboard to track things such as:

  • Number of videos
  • Number of subscribers
  • Views
  • Watch time

Understanding what type of YouTube content people like to watch and what’s driving business for you will go a long way.

Create Your First Data Dashboard Today!

If you have yet to harness the power of a data dashboard, sign up for your free Dasheroo account today.

Are you currently using a data dashboard? How has it changed your business for the better?

Dasheroo Partner Spotlight: Infusionsoft

Jeremy Maher, InfusionsoftFrom time to time we like to introduce our Dasheroo customers to the partners we integrate with. This week we are delighted to focus our spotlight on Infusionsoft, the awesome CRM, sales, ecommerce and marketing tool that enables you to manage all of your important KPIs for your business.

Jeremy Maher, an entrepreneur and Infusionsoft’s Referral Partner Manager, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us! For more information about our partnership with Infusionsoft check it out, or watch the video.

Who is Infusionsoft’s primary customer?

Our primary customers are small business owners who are looking to get organized, remove repetitive manual admin tasks, make sure none of their leads slip through the cracks and utilize our marketing automation to get customer referrals on autopilot.

Why would you say customers like Infusionsoft more than a competitor you have?

Our software is unique. Another reason is our culture.  We are known for amazing customer service because we align each customer with a coach offering free telephone and chat support.  Our software is also very robust and allows small business owners to work ON their business and not IN their business.

What are your top 3 killer features?

1) Automate marketing follow-up so the business owner or employees don’t have to do all of it. We use intelligent behavioral marketing, so the email messages can change depending on how the client reacts.  This gives the business owner the ability to send personal email without having to type them up all the time.

2) Keep everything organized so no one slips through the cracks and all the leads, prospects and client’s information is in one place.  We have a full contact management system that keeps the database organized.

3) Ecommerce – Unlike most systems that only do the contact management, we also have an ecommerce platform.  This allows business owners to provide invoices, quotes, recurring payments and allows the client to pay online.  Infusionsoft is the ecommerce, contact management and marketing, so when that client pays online or through another channel, it can update the contact record and change the marketing.  This way the client doesn’t get an email a day or two later asking them to purchase when they just bought a few days ago.

How much might someone pay to use Infusionsoft?

Our monthly amounts normally range from $199-$299/mo.  We also provide a coach to implement and help with marketing best practices.  The cost for that ranges from $699-$1699 depending on the business needs.  We set up several things that we have found to be the most vital to small business success. To learn more feel free to call me directly at 480-499-6849 or email

What’s awesome about working there?

We have an amazing culture here.  I run a small business on the side and Infusionsoft not only accepts that, but encourages it. We truly care about small businesses and our culture shows that. I get to help small business owners every day.

What’s your hobby?

Living in Arizona makes it nice and easy to golf all the time : -)

P.S. Check out Dasheroo’s free trial of Infusionsoft metrics in your Dasheroo dashboards!

[VIDEO] Dasheroo + Infusionsoft = Awesome Data Dashboard!

Not sure if you heard, Dasheroo brings in all of your Infusionsoft metrics into a nifty Dasheroo data dashboard!

And our man Alf is at it again with a short and sweet how-to video for understanding how to set it up and what you’ll get in your dashboard. You’ll get access to where your contacts are coming from, how much revenue is being driven by each channel and best of all you’ll see all of this right next to all of the other awesome metrics Dasheroo brings in from Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Ads, Instagram and 30+ other applications you’re probably using to run your business.

What are you waiting for? Get a free month of Infusionsoft metrics on your dashboard by signing up here! Use promo code: infusionsoft-trial. After your trial is over it’s just $19/month!

5 Metrics to Track for Your Beginner Marketing Dashboard

You may not be new to marketing, but the idea of using a marketing dashboard could be foreign. But don’t be scared. Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you away from this game changing tool.

As you setup your beginner marketing dashboard and begin to use it to your advantage, pay close attention to the following five metrics.

1. Email Marketing List GrowthDasheroo data dashboard - list growth

With the opportunity to generate a large return on investment, email marketing should be a big part of what you do.

The size of your list at the present time is not nearly as important as its growth. Use your marketing dashboard to track the growth of your list, striving to increase sign-ups month over month.

And it doesn’t matter what email marketing platform you use, they’ll all give you this data.

2. Social Media Engagement

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, there is more to social media than posting updates dasheroo data dashboard: social media engagementand waiting for something good to happen. You need to implement a strategy that boosts engagement.

For instance with Facebook engagement includes:

  • Liked
  • Shared
  • Commented
  • Clicked

Make sure your charts are going up and to the right and if it isn’t dig in and find out why!

3. Google Analytics UsersDasheroo data dashboard: Google Anaytics userss

Traffic, traffic, traffic. A big part of your online success is based on your ability to drive users to your website.

Sync your new marketing dashboard with your Google Analytics account to track users. This shows if your traffic is increasing or decreasing, while also lending data on how visitors are finding your website.

4. Social Media FollowersDasheroo data dashboard: Twitter Followers
Much the same as social media engagement, it’s important to understand how many people are following you on social media. Is your reach growing?

From day to day, from month to month, you can track your number of followers on each social platform. Positive movement is what you are looking for.

5. Ecommerce

Are you selling a product (or products) online? If so, accurate data can be the difference between success and failure. A marketing dashboard can help Dasheroo data dashboard: Ecommerceanswer questions such as:

  • Where are consumers coming from?
  • How much time are consumers spending on your website?
  • How many items are they buying at a time?
  • How much is the average consumer spending?

Whether you use Shopify, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Stripe or Paypal you can easily access this data!

Experiment and Adjust

Your beginner marketing dashboard will not look the same for long. Once you understand what you can track, once you understand how this impacts your business, you can then begin to make changes.

The most important thing right now is getting started. Sign up for Dasheroo to learn more, it’s free!