Dataviz: Growing Number of Central U.S. Man-Made Earthquakes

Whoa, we stumbled across this LA Times crazy dataviz from the U.S. Geological Survey who unveiled this map of earthquakes. The interesting part was that they thought the earthquakes could be triggered by human activity!

How can this be? “…officials are coming to terms with the idea that wastewater disposal following oil and gas extraction is causing more earthquakes. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves shooting a high-pressure mix of water, sand and chemicals deep underground to extract oil and natural gas. The resulting wastewater is often forced underground as well, but can trigger earthquakes on faults that haven’t moved in a very long time.”

What a huge growth since 2012 to 2014! Great dataviz, not-so-great news.

growing number of earthquakes in central US.


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Dataviz: Who’s a Better Player, A-Rod or Willie Mays?

The greats over at Five Thirty Eight have done it once again, broke down a series of data into a readable, understandable dataviz of how Willie Mays is a better all-around baseball player than Alex Rodriguez. What you say? A-Rod just passed the Say-Hey Kid on the all time the home run leaderboard taking over 4th place. Well Neil Paine took data from a bunch of different data sources and broke it down as follows:

Dataviz of A-Rod vs. Willie Mays, who is a better player?


Sexy and interactive? No, but it gets to the point very fast!

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Dataviz: How Much Water Produces Food

Flowingdata brings us another great dataviz from the LA times, thanks guys! The Times produced an interactive data visualization where you can choose the food you want to eat and it will show you how much water it took to get that food to your plate. It’s pretty frightening living in a California drought. Makes you want to eat strawberry, potato, eggplant salad with a glass of bubbly, YUM!

Dataviz on how much water it takes to produce food groups.


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Dataviz: How Americans Really Feel About Taxes

Dataviz from Pew Research on how Americans feel about taxes.Thanks to the Pew Research Center we have a good look on how Americans really feel about taxes. Turns out that we think corporations and rich people should pay more and that poor people should pay less. Not a surprise.

Of note from Pew Research:

  • Only 45% of Americans like the IRS (shocker!), compared with 48% who don’t.
  • A whopping one-third (34%) like or even love doing taxes, according to an April 2013 Pew Research survey. Not surprisingly these guys are gettin’ a refund.
  • 53% say they pay about the right amount, kind of a surprise.

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Dataviz: What Gender Rules Which Social Networks?

We love the guys over at Information is Beautiful and they’ve got a great data visualization (we like dataviz) out about the breakdown of men and women visiting social networks! Undeniably women rule.

Gender by social network usage.

So it look like the chicks rule the dudes on social media, right?

Our take-aways:

  • If Twitter ain’t on the list for men or women, who is using it?
  • Women love their tumblr and Pinterest, pictures work for the ladies, but foursquare, really?
  • Men love their geeky, gamey networks like Tagged who bought hi5 in 2011
  • MySpace…really guys?

Gender by social network usage.

Dataviz: Tracking The Growth of the MLB’s Facial Hair

Thanks Flowingdata for finding this GEM, an awesome dataviz by the Washington Post tracking facial hair in the MLB. Surprisingly our SF Giants are pretty far down the list, and thanks GS for the hairless Yanks!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.53.22 PM


Even better?? You can upload a pic of yourself (or your nemesis) and see what they look like with a plethora of beard types! We had some fun with our team!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.23.33 PM

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