Dasheroo Demoing Lightning App Builder at Dreamforce

We’ve been talking about a secret project we’ve been working on behind the scenes here at Dasheroo and we couldn’t be more excited about it! All of the projects we have been working on with regards to responsive design and OAuth are releasing!

Imagine if you’re in your favorite application that’s your go-to app every day. All you want to do is place “components” from other applications in that beloved app. Let’s say that beloved app is Salesforce.com and you want your Dasheroo business dashboards to be viewable in your Salesforce account.

Introducing “Components” by Salesforce. Using their nifty technology they call the Lightning App Builder (nod to the cloud) they just announced, we got our Dasheroo KPI dashboards to be viewable right in a Salesforce account on a mobile device!

Why is this so freaking cool?Dasheroo's new Salesforce.com lightning component

  • It’s right in time for Dreamforce, Salesforce.com’s annual event in San Francisco.
  • Josh and I are demoing it at Dreamforce this week at the Marriott Marquis in SF at 8am on Wednesday. C’mon by!
  • We got to work with new technology from Salesforce
  • BIG DEAL: This enables us to have our insights and dashboards anywhere! James calls it Dashboards-as-a-Service (DaaS). Think about taking your important metrics and putting them on any web page or in any app that will accept “widgets”.

Ok, off to the show tomorrow, see you there! #DF15

New Release: Your Shopify Dashboard Is Here!

Dasheroo Shopify DashboardWe’ve been working hard on rounding out our billing-payments-ecommerce dashboards for those of you who have been asking about tracking these metrics on your Dasheroo business dashboards. Makes sense right? Who wouldn’t want to see their marketing dollars well spent on how much money is coming in the door.

So without further adieu, here is what you can now see in your awesome Shopify dashboard!

Sales over time

  • Trending insight of sales per day over the given time period represented as a line graph
  • Average & Median Sale value by cart

Orders over time

  • Trending insight of orders per day over the given time period represented as a line graph

Recent Activity

  • Most recent sales from your storefront with the appropriate status represented as a table

Most Sales

  • Transactions ranked in the order of $ sales, highest to lowest in the given time period represented as a table

Refunds Over Time

  • Trending insight of refunds per day over the given time period
  • Total refunds and total $ amount in refunds are represented as a line graph

Orders Received vs Fulfilled

  • This is an insight that will compare the number of orders to the number of orders fulfilled in the given time period represented as a pie chart
  • This tells you of all of your orders, how many remain to be fulfilled and the rate at which you are fulfilling orders

Orders vs Abandoned Checkout

  • This is an Insight that will compare the number of orders to the number of checkouts that were abandoned represented as a pie chart

Top Products

  • Leaderboard of the products that contributed most to the revenue in the given time period represented as a table

Customers Over Time

  • This is a trending insight of customers the storefront has acquired per day over the given time period represented as a line graph.
  • Total number of customers and total revenue

Sales by New and Repeat Customers

  • This insight compares the sales generated by new and returning customers in Shopify represented as a pie chart

Top Customers

  • Leaderboard of customers that generated most sales in the given time period represented as table

Top Sources

  • This is a leaderboard of traffic sources that contributed to maximum sales represented as a line graph
  • Traffic source include direct, referral , social, search engine represented as a table

Ok! If you use Shopify we’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s great, what’s not and what you need!

New Release: Google Analytics Ecommerce Dashboard

Many of you have been asking about tracking your ecommerce KPIs in your Dasheroo business dashboards. So we’ve been working hard to provide you with PayPal and Stripe which have been released and now we get to add to that with a Google Analytics Ecommerce dashboard.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Dasheroo's Google Analytics Ecommerce DashboardRevenue

  • Trending insight of revenue per day over time for the given time period.
  • Stats like total revenue, average revenue per order, conversion rate & number transactions

Top Products

  • Leaderboard insight listing the products that generated the most revenue by product name
  • A tabular insight

Conversion Rate 

  • Trending insight of conversion rate for your storefront.This is the percent of visits in Google Analytics that resulted in an ecommerce transaction
  • Total conversion rate for the time period and the total number of transactions in the specified period of time

Recent Transactions

  • Tabular insight of the most recent transactions in your storefront during the given time period. This will include the transaction details like amount, customer details and date.

Revenue by Source

  • Breakdown of your revenue by source represented as a bar graph

Revenue by Medium

  • Breakdown of your revenue by medium represented as a bar graph

Revenue by product category

  • Leaderboard insight listing the product categories that generated the most revenue represented as a tabular insight

Revenue by Product SKU

  • Leaderboard insight listing the product categories that generated the most revenu represented as a tabular insight


  • Trending insight of the number of units sold by your storefront in the given time period.
  • Total quantity sold and total revenue are metrics shown in the insight.

Best Selling Days

  • Leaderboard insight of days when your storefront made the most revenue represented as a tabular insight with date and $ amount of revenue.


  • Transactions vs Sessions
  • Revenue vs Sessions
  • Revenue vs Transactions

So if you’re in the business of selling, you can have your own Google Analytics ecommerce dashboard!

VIDEO: Set Up a Data Dashboard Using Dasheroo Dashboard Templates

If you haven’t seen our dashboard templates in action yet you won’t believe your eyes! You can have a complete dashboard depending on what metrics you want to start with in minutes using our templates. Alf is here to tell you just how, in a 1-minute 45-second video.

VIDEO: How to use Dasheroo's business dashboard templates.

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VIDEO: Commenting & Collaboration With Your Dasheroo Data Dashboard

If you work on a team and you’re all tracking metrics this feature is for you! Dasheroo offers the ability to comment on an insight or on a data dashboard. Perhaps you see a huge spike in your Google Analytics dashboard and you don’t know why? Simply add a comment to the insight that shows the spike and anyone who your dashboard is shared with will get an email. They can click to respond directly on that email. Super easy and super cool. Let’s watch Alf’s 1 minute 13 second video!

Commenting and collaborating on a Dasheroo business dashboard.

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What’s a Good Twitter Engagement Rate for Your Tweets?

Dasheroo's twitter engagement rates.

In this Dasheroo dashboard for Twitter Analytics you’ll see that Dasheroo Tweets 6 times a day and falls right where the big brands do!

At Dasheroo, since we provide businesses free business dashboards to track all of their important KPIs, engagement rates are important for us as well as our users. That’s why we just changed our Twitter analytics engagement rate to include Favorites because we think that’s in important metric to add into the Tweet engagement equation.

Twitter engagement rate for your Tweets we defined as the following: Favorites + RT’s + Replies ÷ Total followers.

So how do you know how you compare? The life of a Tweet is short these days with everyone Tweeting like mad. According to Followerwonk you need to tweet like 9 times/day to stay relevant and that number is likely to GROW! So what would you consider a good engagement rate?

According to Social Bakers (met you guys at SMMW15!) the average Twitter engagement for the top 25 brands came in at about .0007 or .07% for a Tweet. Dasheroo’s engagement rate on a per post basis falls right in there. Our belief is that even if someone doesn’t engage directly with us, hopefully we made an impression.

So if your post got 5 Favorites, 2 RT’s and 8 Replies and you have 1000 followers:

5+2+8 ÷ 1000 = .015 or 1.5%. Pretty good as far as Twitter engagement goes according to the average of the big brands!

Dave Kerpen (@DaveKerpen), CEO, Likeable Local talks about how big brands and their bosses get interaction on Twitter. LL has an algorithm that tracked who the most likable senior executives are at well-known companies. We love that Ralph Lauren is tweeting from his company’s account with the -RL signature!

So how are you doing with your Twitter analytics engagement metric? Check out our previous post 9 Ways to Pump Up Your Twitter Engagement, it’s awesome!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out your Ultimate Twitter analytics dashboard at Dasheroo, you can track all of your social media analytics too!

Facebook Ads: Monitoring Your Cost Per Page Like

If you’re advertising on Facebook Ads (and you should look at it if you aren’t) you might be the type to “set it and forget it”. We know, we’ve been there. But just taking a quick peek at your Facebook Ads metrics in your Dasheroo data dashboard might make you think a bit more about how you do your Facebook advertising.

When you’re starting out you might start with one ad. Take for instance Dwight The Pup. He started out with under 100 likes and it was costing his owners .26 per like. Over time and as more people like his page, his cost per like has gone down to .21 per like with NO adjustments to the ad. And with 1609 clicks and 1376 Likes that’s coming in at a cool 85.5% conversion rate

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.20.53 AM

Then they did a test, they took two pics they liked with the same message. This one below got 23 clicks (not very valid) and 18 likes so a 78.2% conversion rate. They’ll keep a close eye on this for a few more days to see if Facebook gives this ad some love but .46 per like ain’t cuttin’ it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.13.59 AM

Now compare that to this ad below. Facebook is serving way more of it. out of 131 clicks they got 107 Likes, an 81.6% conversion rate. So far Image 1 seems to be working and .29 per like is getting closer to the winner.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.14.15 AM

So in your biz you might consider creating a few ads; one with a person’s picture, one with a picture of your product and one with your logo. All of them should have the same message if you’re testing them head to head. Your call-to-action is asking people to “like” your Facebook page. This way when you have something to post (which hopefully is each day) your post will appear in your Fan’s streams. And if they like what you’ve posted their friends will see it and hopefully like it too.

Now you can compare your cost per page like to see who is bringing in the most Likes at the best price!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out your Ultimate Facebook Ads data dashboard at Dasheroo, you can track all of your social media analytics too!