Startup Lessons Learned: Look To Your Own Data for Leads

There are so many articles you can read about how to get more leads and there are so many companies touting they’ll dasheroo KPIs - Lead flowdouble your lead flow out there. But I’m gonna let you in on what we did here at Dasheroo to exceed our KPIs.

Our goal is to give business dashboard software away free to businesses; as a result we get a lot of people signing up. But our real mission is to convert those people into paying customers by offering premium features. That’s one of our KPIs. And we do that two ways, automation and humans! And for the human side (Mimi!) to up-sell our premium services we need to know who might fit the profile and in this case it’s agencies, consultants and marketing professionals.

At Dasheroo we already identified a few hundred of these leads which we were excited about, but it took a long time and human resource to do. So here’s what we did to boost our leads:

Step 1 – Use What You’ve Got

Our sign up form doesn’t ask a user for a ton of information, because we don’t want to deter them from coming aboard so we only ask for company name and email address but that’s a great start.

Step 2 – InsideView to the Rescue!

We use a company called InsideView to append data to what we already have. Are they 100% on the match? We find a few false matches here and there but that’s ok. We get so much valuable data including business type, employee size, geo and revenue that helps us target appropriate businesses to focus on.

Step 3 – Focus on Targeting

As we were sifting through the data we found that one piece of data InsideView appends is Industry. When looking through all of the industries that sign up for Dasheroo we found one called “Business Services.” So we looked at these companies one by one and by the look of them, 8 out of every 10 actually fit the profile. So we increased our target audience for Mimi from a few hundred to over 1000!

Step 4 – Get Them Excited

So we took that list and sent a very targeted email about Dasheroo for Agencies to this list. Mimi now has a nice flow of interest about our offering. She then qualifies, sets expectations and closes the deal. And last month she closed 12 deals, her biggest month ever! We love it when we exceed our KPIs.

Now we send follow up campaigns to the non-responders and emails to all of those new ones that come in the door! What are you doing to use your data to drive leads? Share!

Dasheroo Press! HubSpot & Fast Company Mention Us!

HubSpot and Fast Company gave us a few killer mentions is some pretty popular blogs last week. We’re always so humbled when that happens.

HubSpot: 7 Client Reporting Tools That Will Save Your Agency TimeHubspot article includes Dasheroo

Jami Oetting the section editor of Agency Post, HubSpot’s blog for agency professionals.wrote this great piece for ad agencies. She highlighted a bunch of tools that an agency can use to track all things marketing, sales and social. FYI, we have an awesome integration with them that you can see here.

Fast Company: Five Ways To Keep Small Teams Efficient

Fast Company logo

In his “4-Minute Read” John Ramptonfounder of Palo Alto, California-based Due, talks about everything from how to have effective meetings to using the right tools to automate and outsource. Thanks for the mention John!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Front of House: Digital Dashboards the Food & Beverage Scene

Front of House logo for Dasheroo Dashboards Case StudyWe had the opportunity to catch up with Dasheroo users Adam and Dillon, founders of Front of House.  Front of House is a NYC-based digital marketing and content creation agency that caters heavily to the food & beverage scene, singing a new age, content driven & analytic supported song in an industry whose marketing sounds have been notoriously flat.  

We love to hear exactly how Dasheroo users are using their dashboards.  Here are the answers to the tough questions we love to ask.

Can you describe your team of 10?

Dillon: Adam and I are split partners and both oversee operations. We have two account executives who oversee the operations of 10 or so accounts each, a full time photographer, one full time graphic and web designer, two account managers who monitor, post and community manage our accounts and two outreach associates who strategically grow our clients social community.

What did you use before you found Dasheroo? How long did it take you to gather your metrics?

Dillon: Prior to using Dasheroo we manually developed month end reports using a mixture of Iconosquare, Sprout Social and Facebook/Twitter reports. It was a monthly pain in the ass and probably took us 8 hours a month but it got the job done and provided us the flexibility we needed. We found manually generating short 4 or 5 page PDF’s provided relevant info to satisfy clients. Analytic relevance is huge for us because the food space is so unique in its offering. Unlike many of today’s major digital industries, the F&B/hospitality’s product is truly tangible. Its easy to track the sale of an iPhone case through Instagram, its not the same story with a cheeseburger. So although the industry’s ROI will presumably never be fully trackable we needed our dashboards to showcase some metrics other industries may not feature so predominantly.

What were the most important features you need in a dashboard for FOH?

Dillon: We look heavily to Instagram as our primary platform so it is heavily prioritized but in terms of reporting we look to similar metrics across the board. Engagement, Follower Growth and Recent Activity. Many of our clients provide us with complete creative control, its the reason we are hired. So providing a concise month or week end recap is crucial for them. Rather than spending 20 minutes a day checking in on us, they spend an hour at the end of each month. We would love a integration and a few other tweaks to Dasheroo would be hugely beneficial to us but it really pulls almost all of the data we could want

Did you gain any new insight using Dasheroo?

Dillon: We haven’t gained any new insights but it seems to be saving us quite a bit of time.

Does more than one team member use Dasheroo? What other functions in the company?

Dillon: Since we started using Dasheroo we’ve on-boarded all of our employees to the organization. Its a tool I’d like every team member to be proficient in. We’ve also shared our Dashboards with clients who are interested in a more real time snapshot of their accounts – which is an incredible tool.

And there it is, Dasheroo gives you more time to run your business. Thanks again to Dillon and Adam!

Track Our Startup: Dasheroo for Agencies Released!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve released Dasheroo for Agencies today. What do we mean by agencies? You could be an advertising agency, marketing agency, SEO agency, web development or consulting business or anyone who manages multiple team and/or clients.

Why might you like it? We just think it might take a pain in the butt problem of data gathering, management and analyzing across multiple clients, out of your way.

With Dasheroo for Agencies you can:

  • Dasheroo for Advertising Agency data exportManage multiple clients from one log-in.
  • Have access to the Agency Console for you to log into and manage your clients.
  • Keep all of your clients completely separate, no one can view the dashboard, unless they’re invited.
  • Share the dashboards with your clients…if you want to.
  • Share the dashboards with the team working on your client’s account.
  • Collaborate on your client’s dashboard so they know what you’re doing to drive the metrics.
  • Export to PDF and brand your pro-looking reports for your clients. They’ll never know about Dasheroo…if you don’t want them to!

How does billing work?

  • There is one billing relationship with Dasheroo so you can control what you charge your client for data management and reporting, a new potential revenue stream!
  • Manage multiple clients from your account. Distribute 60 reports to use on your client dashboards for just $129/month, get on it while it lasts!
  • Need more reports on your client dashboards? No problem! Buy bundles of reports and use them how you’d like.
  • Need more than 5 clients? Got you covered with our next tier of pricing. Tell us!
If you’re an advertising agency we’d love you to take it for a spin and let us know what you like and what you don’t. If you’re not an agency but still see the need to manage data dashboards from multiple teams, Dasheroo for Agencies is for you.

Track Our Startup: Tracking KPIs + New Onboarding Flows

Even though last week was a shorty it didn’t stop Team Dasheroo. Plus we had a record day of users the day before Thanksgiving thanks to Duct Tape Marketing and Small Business Computing! Obviously you data geeks were NOT responsible for cooking the turkey.

In The Queue

We’re working to do our next release which is simply Dasheroo for Agencies. Mimi has been giving people “beta” demos of it. Fill this out if you want one. We just need one more feature to get it into your hands, that’s removing branding of a PDF or PNG export of your dashboards. It’s also a bunch of work to get the word out with new website assets, a press release, making sure the product is nailed and a video! Josh and team are also working on i20 (new app integrations) and after that figuring out where features like alerts and in-app messaging (so you know when we have new new features) fit in as well as a host of very large projects. It’s Dasheroo Mock up of first time user experience.tough because we want to get it all done this year but it just can’t happen.

Alf, our VP of Customer Success, sent around some new updated onboarding mocks and workflows. We’re trying to really nail a first-time user experience since we now have benchmarks of where people are getting stuck and falling off. We use MixPanel to identify and report on it. He also built a cool mock for “digests”. We would send you a business dashboard digest to your inbox so you know if there have been any changes, good or bad.

We’re working on a few case studies, they’re always great to point to when we solve a problem for a business that someone else is having. We’re also going to be doing some website testing, which is totally exciting! I’ll let you in on all of the results when they come in. We’ll be using Optimizely to do it.
We’re finsishing up our “What is a KPI” mini site. We thought a) it’s important for all of our users to track specific KPIs even if we don’t off the app integration…yet and b) it’s great for SEO! Here you’ll get Customer Service KPIs, Marketing KPIs, Sales KPIs and Social Media KPIs. Have at ’em!
We’ve got a board meeting this week so I’m off to finish up on my reporting for it. Cheers!
John at Dasheroo