Track Our Startup: Stripe Dashboards + Knee Deep in SEO

We’ve been super-crazy busy these past few weeks. Instead of releasing new features and bug fixes every two weeks we’ve been releasing EVERY WEEK! Our product and engineering groups have been so great at defining and developing the stuff you want,  that we want to get it out live ASAP. Last week we told you were were working on iOS and Android apps, and they are still on the way. We submitted our iOS app to Apple last week, so now the ball’s in their court and we’re hoping for a speedy approval. Our Android app is in heavy QA and once we deem it to be ready, that’ll go into a submission process as well.

Dasheroo PayPal dashboardsWhat did we do?

We also told you we had PayPal dashboards ready to go, we’re just waiting on team PayPal to officially “bless” our integration. As soon as they waive their magic wand you’ll be able to see all of your incoming and outgoing payments on one nifty dashboard!

What are we working on?

Dasheroo Stripe billing dashboard

We’ve got a ton of insights for your Stripe dashboards on the way!

Stripe is on the way. On the heels of our PayPal integration we thought we should also give you your very own Stripe dashboard. Stripe is what we use here at Dasheroo for our payments. So you’ll be able to see metrics in a given time period like Revenue, Most Recent Transactions, Refunds and more in one easy to understand place.

We had been working on Alerts but had to pause development for a few weeks.

Alerts will allow you to set a specific value in one of your Dasheroo insight metrics and get sent an email if your performance goes above or below that set value, whichever one you decide. So if you’re looking closely at your Google Sessions and you think it might spike because of an article you just had published you can set a value for if sessions go over 10% of what you normally see in a day. Then you’ll know it’s working! The feature is still on the backlog and we’re about to pick it up again because we think it’s pretty cool.

We’re also getting closer to the beginnings of a competitive dashboard. You’ll be able to track your social media fans and followers alongside whoever you choose as a competitor. Me? I’d stick some RSS feeds on the dashboard as well to keep an eye on what my competitors our putting out their blog. More on that as we get further along.

Working on something special for September to show at’s annual event Dreamforce. Unfortunately we’re under lock and key for this one but stay tuned, it’s pretty cool.


We’ve been working diligently on our search engine optimization so we’re found on page 1 when people are searching specific terms. Here’s what we’re doing:

1. Landing Pages: We’re in the process of creating targeted landing pages that focus on specific keywords. For instance, when we refer to “Google Sheets dashboard” we link it from the blog to our Google Sheets landing page where we talk all about the benefits of Google Sheets. The link has the keywords in it as well (

2. Inbound Links: We’re working off of a spreadsheet of sites that make sense to have us on them linking back to our site. The more quality inbound links your site gets the better your rankings in the search engines.

3. Contributed Content: If you’ve noticed, I’ve been writing for while Janine has been writing for That list of publications we contribute to is going to grow in the coming months and you’ll see some great articles on sales, marketing and overall leadership. It’s a ton of fun and Dasheroo gets links from sites that have some great domain authority.

4. Linking Within our Domain: We’re linking between articles on the blog where it makes sense, we’re linking from the blog back to those landing pages and we’re linking between pages on the same domain. Google likes this and it makes sense to drive traffic to other parts of our site.

Back to work time!