Track Our Startup: Mobile Dashboards, New Apps & Health Insurance?

Weekly progress: Mobile apps, new apps, and business dashboards

One of the designs for our mobile app so that you can get your business dashboards on your mobile device!

Ain’t no stoppin’ us now, we’re on the move!

Last week, we got to see a nifty demo of an iOS app one of our amazing developers is working on, which wasn’t even on our radar for the Q1 release. So exciting! And, we’re pulling it in so you can see your business dashboards on your iPhone or iPad cuz you’re on the move!

We’re still working on the new Insight Library website so you can check back and see what new apps and new Insights we’re adding on a semi-weekly basis.

New apps we’re working on?

Google Sheets & Instagram! You wanted them, you’ll get them. Google Sheets is interesting because everyone uses it in a different way so we’ll be looking at building out the UI for selecting a Sheet, a sub-sheet and specific cells. Not an easy task.

New Insights for existing apps we’re working on:

  • A pie chart for New vs. Returning Users
  • A line graph for your social media session
  • More to come!

Since our dev and product crew is spread all over the world, our weekly meetings are on Sunday nights. This is so the team can get an early start on all that we have going on. I’m sure that having the meeting a few hours after the Super Bowl was not that appealing. We just had one New England fan so that’s ok 😉

We’re featured on that amazing startup site StartupCatchup, with a “revealing” interview with our own Hingley.

We also got a mention in CEO Blog Nation’s article 26 CEOs Give Their Best Business Tips. There are some pretty cool tips on there so make sure you check them out.

John had a great VC meeting with an amazing guy here in SF last week. He loved what we’re doing. In parallel we’re looking at filling out our round with a friends and family offering.

Solid milestone? We got health insurance for the team! Woohoo!!! What a relief.

We’re hiring kick-ass Grade A Engineers. If you know of any let us know!

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