Track Our Startup: Dasheroo For Agencies + One Nasty Bug

Bug in engineering codeWe’ve been working behind the scenes on Dasheroo for Agencies (yet to be officially named!) Since we’ve got a ton of interest from consulting firms and agencies that want to manage a business dashboard on behalf of their clients we’ve been talking to a bunch of you and developing to your requirements! Go figure, a company that listens to users and develops to their needs…shocker!

We’ve also been working on ways to scale the number of API calls we’re making to our partners like Twitter and Google. It’s probably the toughest problem we have to solve here at Dasheroo but with James behind the wheel we’re making huge progress.

The team has been spending some quality time trying to squash a nasty bug that is standing in the way of a release! Hopefully they’ll break through it and we’ll get a new release out to you in the next week. It’s a nasty one keeping them up for nights at a time.

JP wrote a few scintillating articles for Your Business Grew, Your Brand Got Diluted, Here’s How To Avoid It and 5 Critical Reasons to Cross-Train Your Employees, make sure to give them a read!

Alf and team have been hard at work trying to figure out how to best capture the attention of the people who come to Dasheroo but don’t set up a dashboard or connect to a 3rd party application. It’s not an easy problem to solve but they’re reaching out to people to find out why.

Ok, that’s all I can think of for now! I’m knee deep in our sales strategy for the next 6 months so back to work!

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