Dataviz: California’s Drought Report Card

Thomas Suh Lauder over at the LA Times posted this amazing data visualization on how each district in California is utilizing our precious water. the Governor wants to cut water usage by 25% by 2016. Maybe those people who live next to us will finally stop pressure washing their building!!!

Anyhoo, we put our own zip code in the field and turns out that in comparison here in SF we’re not doing too bad (always could be better). Each resident of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission used, on average, 44 gallons of water a day.

When we looked at nearby areas:

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 1.27.25 PM

When you compare that to the zips that use the least and the most? Santa Fe District just gets too dang hot!

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 1.25.56 PM


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Dataviz: Where Are All Candidates to the Left?

Since we’re data geeks here at Dasheroo we search out the best of the Web to find some great data visualizations for you and thanks to Flowingdata (we go to these gurus first to find our great examples of dataviz done right!) they pointed out that the New York Times had a great post about the 2016 Presidential candidates and when they entered the race. They also go on to show by days gone by who the winning candidates were and when they entered the race based on how many weeks were left.

The killer here is that this election cycle has the most candidates expected to run ever. Sixteen in total while the left has a mere 5. What’s up with that? Well it’s more than when Gore ran against just one competitor in 2000.

Get more of this awesome data by election year going back to 1972. Some may surprise you. Reagan was last in the race with just 50 weeks to go and he screamed ahead for the win while Hillary and Barack started 80 weeks out. Who knew?

NYT - Dataviz of presidential candidates


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Dataviz: Growing Number of Central U.S. Man-Made Earthquakes

Whoa, we stumbled across this LA Times crazy dataviz from the U.S. Geological Survey who unveiled this map of earthquakes. The interesting part was that they thought the earthquakes could be triggered by human activity!

How can this be? “…officials are coming to terms with the idea that wastewater disposal following oil and gas extraction is causing more earthquakes. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves shooting a high-pressure mix of water, sand and chemicals deep underground to extract oil and natural gas. The resulting wastewater is often forced underground as well, but can trigger earthquakes on faults that haven’t moved in a very long time.”

What a huge growth since 2012 to 2014! Great dataviz, not-so-great news.

growing number of earthquakes in central US.


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Dataviz: Who’s a Better Player, A-Rod or Willie Mays?

The greats over at Five Thirty Eight have done it once again, broke down a series of data into a readable, understandable dataviz of how Willie Mays is a better all-around baseball player than Alex Rodriguez. What you say? A-Rod just passed the Say-Hey Kid on the all time the home run leaderboard taking over 4th place. Well Neil Paine took data from a bunch of different data sources and broke it down as follows:

Dataviz of A-Rod vs. Willie Mays, who is a better player?


Sexy and interactive? No, but it gets to the point very fast!

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