Track Our Startup: SIX New Projects We’re Working On!

You can get your very own Stripe and PayPal payments dashboard at Dasheroo now! Go check them out if you use these payment solutions for your business, it’s pretty cool to see your these metrics next to your Google Analytics dashboard or your social media dashboard.

Here’s what we’ve been working on for your future Dasheroo business dashboard:

  • Josh submitted our iOS app to Apple and we’re in QA with our Android app. I won’t talk about it again until we launch!
  • Alex has been working on OAuth. This is simply a way for us to easily integrate with a ton of 3rd party applications like the ones you have on your dashboards. This also enables a top-secret integration with too, more on that soon!
  • Andrew has been working on the “scaffolding” for our agency & partner admin console. If you’re an agency you want some controls over your client’s dashboards and you want to be able to easily log in and out of them from one spot.
  • James has been working on responsive design for our dashboards and Court has been busy in QA with it. This is great for integrations but also enables our dashboards to look nifty on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Competitor Dashboard – Nivi and team have been making great progress on this new dashboard template so that once James (he went to Alaska!) is back, he can assess when we can take the competitor dashboard live. You’ll be able to select this feature right from the dashboard templates to compare how you’re doing with a few metrics to how your competition is doing.
  • Dreamforce - Foo Fighters

    Do you think the Foo Fighters need a business dashboard? We do!

    OK, that’s a ton of stuff in flight!

But Wait There’s More…

We’ve decided to sponsor Dreamforce! Like we said Alex has been working on a super-secret Salesforce project and you’ll get to see it at this amazing annual event. John and Josh will also be speaking on how we did it and show you.

We’ve just had our first request for a non-profit pricing program. We were so successful with it at our last company it makes total sense. Plus we really love helping those who save people, animals and the environment, everyone should huh? Janine is taking on getting this project together since she worked it at VerticalResponse. More on that as it unfolds but it’s slightly complicated.

Back Office

We don’t have a policy for vacations here, pretty cool huh? We just work off of the “Get your sh*t done” policy. So I talked to our legal team this week who blessed a non-policy policy, for now it works for all of us so hopefully it continues to!

John at Dasheroo

P.S. I hate accounting.

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