3 Facebook KPIs to Measure in Real Time

With the growth of Facebook appearing unstoppable, there is no better time than now to use this social media platform to take your business to new heights.

Depending on your marketing strategy and what you’re trying to accomplish, the tracking of Facebook KPIs in real time could be the difference between success and failure.

With the help of a Dasheroo real-time Facebook dashboard, you’ll never have questions about where things stand in regards to organic growth and advertising reach. All of your data is updated and available in real time.

Let’s examine three Facebook KPIs that you should begin to measure in real time:

1. Engagement

Facebook engagement entails many things, including: clicks, shares, likes, and comments.

You want to stay current with each type of engagement, as this provides the opportunity to engage with your audience (which is important to your success).

By tracking growth from day to day and week to week, you’ll always know if you’re on the right track or if you need to adjust your strategy.

2. Ad Clicks

Here’s how we define this:

“View the total number of clicks on your ad over time. Depending on what you’re promoting, this can include Page likes, event responses or app installs.”

Simply put, if you’re spending money on Facebook Ads you need to know what’s happening at all times. This doesn’t mean you have to track data every minute of every day, but being able to get real time updates will help you understand how your campaign is performing.

3. Cost Per Click

In a perfect world, you’d have an unlimited amount of time to spend on Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, you know that you only have so much money to go around.

This is perhaps the most important Facebook KPI to measure in real time, as you must always understand how much money you’re spending, as to accurately calculate your return on investment and avoid overspending.


If you get into the habit of tracking these Facebook KPIs in real time, you’ll find it easier to achieve great success on your way to reaching your short and long term goals.

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