3 Easy Ways to Use the Power of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, we love it and use it profusely here at Dasheroo. But it’s not s spray-and-pray form of marketing. LinkedIn offers that cool way to cultivate a relationship by offering up what your profile and your posts say about you, to someone who may not have a clue who you are! So you need to be careful about how you go about asking someone to connect all the way to a possible meeting with them face to face.

What are the most powerful parts of LinkedIn you ask?

Get the 1st level Connection

One of the greatest things is becoming a first connection with someone on LinkedIn. Why? It gives you the digital “OK” to send someone an email that will go directly to their inbox. The first connection is the most important because your new connection is saying “fine, I like what I see from your profile and I’m open to some communication from you.” Pretty cool .

If you don’t get the connection right away, you can resend the invitation to connect but be careful, you don’t want to come of as a spammer!

image of sending someone an email in LinkedIn

Tag ’em!

Viveka von Rosen, author of Linkedin Marketing: An Hour a Day¬†says in her post that tagging is powerful! We love that. When you tag one of your first connections it’s easy to target a message to that group. “This will allow you to quickly send a message to a group of people that you want to stay top of mind with a few times a month.”

Image of tagging someone on LinkedIn

Stalk the stalkers!

Send an invitation to “People who’ve viewed your profile” in LInkedIn. These guys are obviously interested in you, you need to reach out to them to get that level 1 connection where you can start to build a relationship with them. “People who view your profile are usually clients, competition or leads!” says von Rosen ” Why not message or invite a few of these folks to connect?”

image of people who have viewed John's profile on LinkedIn

We’ve been wanting to get in front of Mr. Scott Monty, now we know he’s seen us!


There is so much more to LinkedIn that we’ll be writing about for sure, but these are three great places to start.

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