3 Creative Ways to Use a Dasheroo Business Dashboard

In our last blog post, we examined some of the many types of companies that can benefit from a business dashboard.

While many marketing professionals are familiar with the most common integrations – such as those for social media – there’s more to a business dashboard than meets the eye.

There are a variety of creative ways to use a Dasheroo business dashboard, including the following:

1. Team Collaboration

Keeping your marketing team on the same page is easier said than done. Fortunately, you can use Google Sheets to not only keep your team on the same page, but to also display some killer data.

Here’s what we have to say about this:

“Create eye-popping bar charts, funnel graphs, trending line graphs, pie charts, leaderboards and tables right from a Google Sheet.”

It doesn’t matter what type of marketing channels you are using, from Facebook Ads to Twitter, our Google Sheets integration can keep your team working in an efficient manner.

2. To Track Social Media Interaction

It’s one thing to use social media, but another thing entirely to track what is and isn’t working.

In an overall sense, interaction with your brand is more important than anything else. This shows that your updates are not falling on deaf ears.

Dasheroo is the king of social media integration, making it simple to track interaction on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram among a variety of other platforms.

3. To Improve Facebook Advertising ROI

As excited as you may be to get involved with Facebook advertising, your positive vibes can take a turn for the worse if you begin to churn through money with nothing to show for it.

With access to the right Facebook Ads analytics, you’ll find it easier to master your advertising campaigns as to boost your ROI.

You should never assume that simply spending money on Facebook Ads is good enough. You must closely monitor your results, with an eye toward any data that can help you tweak your approach in the future. For example, cost per click will have a big impact on your ROI.


While there are thousands of creative ways to use a Dasheroo business dashboard, these three ideas should put you on the right track.

What do you think of these ideas? Will you be able to use any of them in the future? Do you have others to share?

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