100 Awesome Marketing Tools You Should Know

BlogMetric logoWe’re pretty excited to be included in the analytics portion of BlogMetric’s list of 100 Awesome Marketing Tools You Should Know.

We went down the list to see how many of the 100 tools we use on a daily basis here at Dasheroo:

Project management

AsanaAsana’s mission is to help teams to work together effortlessly, and they’ve created software that can bring your team together on countless projects. We use it to keep on track with all of our marketing tasks.

BasecampOften used by agencies to manage client work, Basecamp is a project management tool that’s simple and easy to use. Dasheroo uses Basecamp to manage departments and notes across various groups in the company.

EvernoteNeed to keep track of a project? Use Evernote, an advanced note-taking app, to write everything down. Dasherooers use Evernote instead of a pen and paper 🙂

We also use and love: Pivotal Tracker and GitHub

Team communication

These tools will help you communicate and collaborate with those in and outside of the office.

SlackSlack is a modern chat tool that brings all your team communication together. Send your coworkers GIFs and memes as you collaborate your way to success. Since Dasheroo is distributed we live by Slack to communicate.

Join.meNeed the perfect solution for virtual meetings? Join.me provides video, audio, and everything else you need to host successful virtual meetings.

We also use and love: Zoom for meetings and screen sharing. 

Calendars and appointments

These tools will help you seamlessly create calendars, appointments, and meetings.

CoScheduleCoSchedule is an editorial calendar built for content marketers that can help you manage in-house writers as well as freelancers. You can also post your content to WordPress and social sites from CoSchedule. We use this to CoSchedule to make sure our blog posts reach the right social audience in the proper format.

We also use and love: Google Calendar, Basecamp

Search engine optimization (SEO)

These tools will help you with SEO audits, keyword research, and SEO-driven content marketing.

SEMRushSEMRush is a competitive analysis tool that allows you to see the highest volume keywords as well as how your site ranks compared to competitors. We use SEMRush to give us ideas for more long-tail keywords and phrases.

YoastWhen publishing on WordPress, you want to make sure your tags are taken care of, and Yoast can help any content creator do that. Dasheroo goes for the Yoast “green light” to ensure we’re SEOing our content correctly.

Google Keyword PlannerGoogle’s free keyword planner will help you determine search volume around keywords so you can determine your plan of attack. We would die without this amazing tool.

WordStream’s Keyword Tool WordStream’s keyword tool is similar to Google’s in that it can help you assess which keywords are competitive and viable. Hats off to Larry Kim!

We also use and love: MozBar for checking out what other site’s domain authority is like. We use Moz for rank tracking. 

Content marketing

These tools will help you with content ideation, content planning, and general content marketing efforts.

BuzzSumo BuzzSumo allows you to find the most shared content for certain topics, which can help you find out what types of content and from which sources have performed well in the past. Dasheroo uses BuzzSumo to see who is writing about our industry, then we follow them and try to get in front of them. We also use BuzzSumo for alerts.

Reddit Reddit is an online forum that allows for upvoting and downvoting from members. It’s a great place to ask questions and find new ideas for content. We have been featured on Reddit a number of times, it’s a great way to get noticed by a community.

Writing & content creation

These tools will help you improve your writing and content creation abilities.

Google DocsGoogle Docs is the perfect cloud-based word processor. Its advanced commenting and revision features make it perfect for content teams. Dasheroo only uses Google Docs. Great for collaboration and sharing.

WordPressA favorite content management system and often considered an industry standard, WordPress allows you and your team to format and publish blog posts. Dasheroo’s blog is published on the WordPress platform, and we love it.

We also use and love: easel.ly for creating infographics and HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator.

Social media

These tools will help you share relevant content on social media sites.

Buffer – Buffer is a social sharing and scheduling tool that syncs with all major social media sites. Buffer is perfect for individuals, social media teams, agencies, and others.

IFTTTIFTTT, which stands for “If this, then that,” lets you set up recipes to automate tasks. For example, you can set up a recipe that shares a blog post on Twitter each time a new one is published. Alf our VP of Customer Success uses thie marketing tool religiously. We also use it when we post to Instagram, then it auto-posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Moz’s FollowerWonk FollowerWonk helps you explore your social media presence by helping you dig deep into Twitter analytics to understand more about your followers. Dasheroo loves to know what times of day to post to Twitter anf FollowerWonk tells us!

Tools we use and love: We use Hootsuite for posting to multiple accounts at once as well as scheduling posts.

Email marketing & automation

These tools will help you send beautiful, helpful, and timely emails, as well as measure them for success.

Campaign Monitor – Campaign Monitor provides elegantly simple email marketing software that makes it easy to create, send, and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns. Even though we come from VerticalResponse, we love our Campaign Monitor.

Salesforce Salesforce is a widely used, sales-oriented customer relationship management (CRM) solution that syncs with Campaign Monitor and other marketing tools. Dasheroo is a Salesforce.com customer and we love having our data in one spot. Hmmm, maybe it’s why Dasheroo exists?

Web analytics

These tools will help you analyze your web visits– what visitors do when they come to your site, how long they stay, and where they come from.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics gives you insight into how many viewers come to your site, how long they stay, what pages they visit, and where they come from.

DasherooDasheroo is a free business dashboard solution that gives you and your team instant visibility into your KPIs. Um, seriously? We LIVE by tracking our KPIs in our Dasheroo dashboards!

KISSmetricsKISSmetrics is a person-based analytics solution that can help you better understand the exact makeup of your website visitors.

Customer engagement & success

These tools will help you communicate with your customers so that you can get feedback and improve the overall customer experience.

WootricWootric is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool that helps you analyze customer sentiment at important stages of the customer lifecycle. We love Wootric, and are honored to be on the same list as you guys!

Conversion optimization

These tools will help you optimize your website for conversions.

Optimizely – Optimizely is an A/B testing tool that allows you to test different iterations of pages on your site to see which is most successful. Easiest tool on the market for a quick split test of a headline, button, etc. Dasheroo loves Optimizely.

We also use and love: Mixpanel for telling us how people are using our app and sending emails based on paths they take. 

Public relations and promotion

These tools will help you promote your business, marketing campaigns, and other initiatives.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – HARO connects you with journalists who are writing about various topics and are looking for sources. Awesome for participating in stories people are writing.

Google AlertsGoogle Alerts can send you an email or notification when your brand gets mentioned in newly published content around the web. They’re ok, a little late, BuzzSumo does a better job, but Google is free. You get what you pay for?

CisionCision is a popular PR software solution that includes media list building, media monitoring, analyses, and more. Dasheroo uses PRWeb (a division of Cision) to distribute our press releases.


Facebook AdsFacebook Ads offer extremely impressive targeting capabilities that can help you get your brand– and your content– in front of a relevant audience. This is the only ad network Dasheroo advertises on, to get Likes and build our following.

So out of the 100 marketing tools we use 31 (plus many that aren’t on this list) and we’re going to use even more now that this amazing list is out. Thanks BlogMetric!

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