10 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Business Dashboard

There is a difference between choosing just any business dashboard and choosing the one that’s best for you, your team, your goals, and your company as a whole.

There is no right or wrong way to compare and choose a business dashboard, but there are some key steps you can take to position yourself for success.

Most importantly, don’t get ahead of yourself. Before you do anything, answer these 10 questions:


  • Which business dashboard features are most important to you?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish by using a business dashboard?
  • Have you spoke with your team about what’s most important to them?
  • Which dashboard has the integrations that make the most sense for your company?
  • Have you read reviews from other customers?
  • Have you carefully examined case studies to better understand what the dashboard has done for other companies?
  • Is the dashboard known for its ease of use and user friendly interface?
  • Is the dashboard designed to grow alongside your business?
  • Does it offer mobile access and mobile friendly reports?
  • Does the pricing structure suit your budget?

These may not be the only questions you answer when searching for the best business dashboard, but starting here will put you on the right path.

As you answer these questions, continue to narrow your list and search for differentiating factors that give you the confidence necessary to proceed.

At Dasheroo, it’s our goal to help everyone – regardless of title, company size, or industry – get started with a business dashboard. One of the ways we make this easy is by offering a free membership level. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with all aspects of Dasheroo. Only then can you truly understand its full potential!

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